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Full Version: For Iphone: Adjustgrid (provide Free Redeem Code)
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AdjustGrid is an app that use precision guidelines to help you shoot photographs like a professional. gathering.gif

Never worry about crooked horizons anymore!

We offer 11 compositions with 35 customizable gridlines.

Various type of grid can be used in different environments. Customized composition guidelines for every environment can be easily drawn using a flick of your finger.
ex: Diagonal;Comparison;Slash;Tunnel;Triangular;Reverse-Triangular,etc...

ex:Cross:In photography, the most critical point is the precision of the horizontal and vertical lines (provided photography measurement for moving horizontal and vertical lines)

ex:Rule of Thirds:The most common form of composition, place the main subject on any of the four intersecting points (composition model of the most commonly seen method of extending focus outwards is provided)

ex:S-curve:Use a S-curve line to create harmony in the photo

ex:Used to photograph the extension of diagonal radiation (7 types of radiation models provided)


11 compositions

Composition details
(Detailed scenario-based demonstration on composition allow users to understand the fundamentals of photography. Taking photos is actually a breeze)

How to use

We offer five Redeem code now, If you take code please reply.

If you can, please give a 5-star rating,Thanks 10.gif
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