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Full Version: Farewell, Marina!
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My dear friends! At us a great grief. The lovely and light person-our Marina has left from us for ever! No words to express a pain from this loss! She was young and beautiful, but god given her very short and difficult life. On a site her talent on advantage has been estimated also she for ever remains a legend M9 ! Farewell, Marina! You for ever will remain in our hearts!

There are no words to express my deep sorrow and pain. Marina has always been a great friend and a wonderful person.
She loved life, but God took her young soul to himself after a long illness.
We have lost a great master of the themes, but her spirit will always be with us.
I will never forget it. Love and mourn....

Marishka! You will always be in our memory! Rest in peace! Let the earth you rest in peace!
Remember and mourn!

it is a great loss for all of us, her friends.
God accept her soul.
what can i say.......... i'm so shocked right now........ it's a very sad sad day for me....... a real angel is no longer among us..... marina is now in heaven hanging out with other angels.......
i really can't speak or write...... once again i realize that life is so hard...... it gives so much talent and kidness.... bt then it takes it away......

well marina... i guess u will provide heaven with your awesome creations from now on..... angel are so lucky to have you there... not only for their phones, but most important for your spirit, your kidness, your courage, your friendship.....

may your soul and body rest in peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a shocking thread!!
I don't have words to express my feelings!!!!! Only my tears can define it!!!!!!!!!!!

Good bye Sweet Heart!!!!!!!!!!! You are my angel!!!! Ever and forever!!!!!

I will feel you in me always!!!!!!!!!!!

With tears........................................JK.
It is impossible to put into words, the feeling has arisen in connection with the loss of this wonderful person ...... Marisha. Mourn, remember. I express my condolences to the loved ones!

OMG, Absolutely no words.
A very heavy loss, I have no words...

Уходят те, кто дорог и любим,
Внезапно,безвозвратно, безнадежно...
Как трудно сердцем пережить людским,
И осознать... почти что невозможно...
Когда казалось, молодость-расцвет,
И впереди путей еще так много...
Но догорел заката яркий свет,
И лишь одна открыта им дорога...
Бесследно спрячет бремя белый снег
Прошедших лет и дней давно минувших,
Короткой жизни завершен побег...
Господь, как видно,забирает лучших.

Oh,realy shocking newz ,may her soul rest in piece .
Sleep With Angels & Live With God Marina

I'm just speechless to read this thread ...... She was a real real angel person & yes, angels are favourite to God must be, so they took her away from us ......
Marina, I promise you one thing Dear, whenever I'll gift to my lovely friends here, you always were & will always be in my list, no change in that, you are immortal for me Dear sleep.gif sad.gif

May your soul rest in peace my sweetest heart angel friend wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Will meet you there my Dear, don't forget me sleep.gif Our friendship is beyond life & death my dear wub.gif wub.gif
I am lost for words...
Rest in peace, dear Marina. You will always be in our memory.

no, it is not, no! it is not desirable in it to believe!
there are not words, tears cover eyes....

eternal memory!
I extend my condolences ...
Fond memory, Marina

As express into words a pain so deep and eternal by the departure of a beloved as Marina.
Sometimes it's hard to understand why God chooses take our earthly life.
I'm in shock, I need time to understand and accept that this beautiful person is not among us.
Rest in peace beautiful angel.

She was an angel.... i will every day thinking on her ......
People dies everyday. But does they realise how much pain they put into the heart of his/her loved ones by dying.!? I just can't express my feeling more. R.I.P dear. We won't forget you. crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif
Я до сих пор в шоке

It can not be true there are no words to express my feelings my tears keep falling
Marina was an angel in life and is now an angel in heaven
she was a true friend so kind and loving and warmhearted
you will always stay in my thoughts. in memory forever
you will never be forgotten
your soul and spirit will be here with us

my deepest condolances to her loved ones
its a big loss for them for her friends for the world

we will meet again

why you left this world without saying goodbye!? crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif
We miss you more than words could say,
you left us all here just to cry.
you were our best friend, and this will remain
Do not forget about you .. in our hearts forever stay......

REST IN PEACE MARINA!.. May merciful God have you in care ..
What Im reading here,Oh God ths could not be true...i cant believe ths

im still cant able to say anything.Marina is very very sweet sister for me.

She is the one who guided me when im new for theming.and she always happy on my growth.

and im great admirer of her works ,

im in great shock..i'll iss u my dear sister.Ths could not be happen to u.U r always sweet to all.

yes u 'll be remain in my heart ever and ever.

May God forgive all ur sins and let ur soul rest in deep peace.

All our prayers r with u.

yes we will meet soon.

miss u dear sis.
Sweet, kind, young
and so talented ....
no words ....
we will remember you ...

Oh ! It is extremely shocking to hear about sad demise of our Dear Marina ! ! Pray to God to allow her soul to rest in Peace ! ! ! Good bye Dear Marina ! ! ! ! byebye.gif
i am really shocked for this sad and unexpected news,,,tears are flowing from my eyes as i am writing this message,
Marina dear,,i really can not accept your untimely death, i cant believe it dear, but if its Gods will,,,i really can not do anything.
i want to express by this message that you are among the best M9s here,,,,one of the best themers too,,,but what is more significant is that you are among the best people and friends here in the net,,i just thought you are sick with something else and you can surpass it,,I love you dear,,,and whatever my shortcomings,,i am very very sorry.....please be known that you will always live here in M9 and that you will forever remain in our thoughts, in heart and in spirit,,,i hope you be happy where you are now,,,Darling i love you!!!!BYe for now.......

I'm shocking sad.gif Marina, You will always be in our memory! You realy very good person,girl...Rest in peace! crybaby.gif sad.gif
Oh My God ... oh God oh God .. R.I.P Sweetheart ...

It,s hard 4 me to find words now ... just only tears .. i can,t believe ... R.I.P Marina ... i dont think my tears for ur farewell will stop for long ...

Good bye Marina ... Wht u left behind you r traces of an angel ...then u must have been an angel ..

My only regret is tht i ddn,t quiet understand tht nature of ur illness maybe i could have give any kind of more support .. or even a flower every day just to cheer u up .. but it,s too late now ..

In my heart dear .. Goodbye Mrina ... Goodbye Sweetheart ... May u rest in peace .. May God forgive and reword such an angel ...
I am so shocked now.. There is no word can express my feeling now... This is a big loss to everyone who know her... We love you! May you rest in peace! crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif
I read about this sad news yesterday and I couldn't believe it ... but it's true Marina is no longer with us ! crybaby.gif
She was a a very talented girl, a wonderful lady, a true angel and she will go to heaven where she belongs ...
I'm so sad she suffered from her illness for so many years, farewell our beloved Marina , I'm sure you see all of us from above and you
are smilling ...
Oh no,i am shocked when i heard..No word to express this. She was wonderful,talented and kind person.
She is with god and angels. But Marina is forever in our heart..!!!
Her soul rest in peace !!!!
his is a huge loss and I still can not believe it, her soul rests in peace now and I am sure she is watching us from heaven. miss you much sweetie crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif
omg!! crybaby.gif its really a shocking news to me. i just login now, and heard a bad news!! sad.gif
she was very nice to me, she helped me a lot.i cant forget all of those helps.

Rest in Piece my dear.
may your soul belongs to your dears,
and only you left your body but your soul will always be with us.
we will never forget you dear!!!
i am so sorry to here this sad news .. we all miss you ... may u rest in peace ....its like we just lost a brick from our wall

What a shocking thread!! I don't have words to express my feelings!!!
I saw this thread yesterday, and it's still hard for me to believe that dear Marina is longer with us. The grief is unbearable. She was a person with a beautiful soul. She was so kind and lovely, each time her presence gave my heart a little warmth. I didn't hear from her much recently, alas only if I knew she was in such illness! crybaby.gif crybaby.gif
Good bye dear Marina, may your soul rest in peace. We will always love you, and always keep you in our heart....
I'm sad....
I just got the bad news from Alex, i couldn't belive...but it is true....Marina left us...
I have no words, i just feel so sad, so pain in my heart.
The only thing that come to my mind is a wriiten I sow a few days ago in cemetry in Rome.
"No one is realy died if we keep on loving him and holding hin in our heart"
Maria I'll hold you in my heart, keeping your memory always.
Riposi in pace dolce angelo.....

Oh dear Marina.. ! It was hard time believing that you have left for your heavenly abode . We shall miss you everyday however you shall live forever in our hearts . You were angel on earth and i'm sure you will be with angels now in heaven smiling . No more suffering and pain. With tears and heavy heart I shall say you are in our memories always .
Rest In peace !!
i didnt know her but its a very shocking news that very good m9er is now no more.
I am really feeling sad.
We pray for ur soul to rest in peace in heaven.
God bless
May her soul rest in peace in heaven.
God bless her soul with peace and happiness.
torch.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif Rest in Peace Dear Marina
You were one of the Best Among the Best
Your work will Live In our heart And Millions
crybaby.gif crybaby.gif torch.gif


Уходят те,
кто дорог и любим
Как трудно сердцем
пережить людским,
И осознать...
(почти что
не возможно...)

Когда, казалось,
Молодость - расцвет,
И впереди путей
еще так много…
Но догорел заката
яркий свет,
И лишь одна
"открыта" им дорога…

Бесследно спрячет
бремя белый снег
прошедших лет
и дней давно минувших,
Короткой жизни
завершен пробег…

Господь, как видно,
забирает лучших...
It is so unexpected... Shock... We grieve and remember...


Прощай, ушедший в вечность друг,
Твой след сияет бесконечно,
Душа, свершив прощальный круг,
Нашла приют в покое вечном,

Прощай, окончен жизни путь
И не идти нам больше вместе,
Уже былого не вернуть,
Твой дух наполнен новой песней.

Грустим и слёзы на глазах,
Утраты на земной дороге,
Прощай, до встречи в небесах,-
Блаженны умершие в Боге
Just heared this sad news about Marina and I'm truly saddened by Marina's death. Marina was more than just a friend; she was an amazing person. She was always so kind and considerate to us that we always welcomed seeing her at every opportunity.

Her passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of everyone who knew her. Marina's memory will always remain deep within our heart.

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you.

With deepest sympathy,

I extend my condolences ...
Fond memory, Marina,,,very sad,,,sad
Не могу поверить...я в шоке...Мариша,солнечный,добрый человечек...сердце разрывается...Маришенька,ты навсегда останешься в моём сердце.Пусть земля тебе будет пухом

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