First make sure you have downloaded my bootscreen startup gif and startup tone here : (start up gif) (start up tone)

after that
download this file :

1 . After you downloaded that .rar file, then open ''rompacther application'' in your phone after opened rompatcher then select ''open4all'' and apply it.

2 . Then go to x-plore (find and open a file named ''Startup Animation & Sound from E with Shutdown animation & sound also.rar'') after opened that file then extract the private folder (only extract the private folder to C) to C:/ after you extract that private folder to ''C'' files.

3 . Then create a folder namely ''Animations'' in memory card or E:/ after the folder created then just move my bootscreen and the startup tone to animations folder and then switch off your phone and turn on it again. Done!

Note : before follow the above intructions ,please download this file and follow the intructions mentioned in thit file first :

All credits goes to Strategist For the start up mod and Thanks for CODeRUS for the norton hack.

Thanks grouphug.gif