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You can plan a one-day-training to burn 2000 calories, master your dance steps in a month, learn how to prepare one meal in 3 days, head to a dreaming island, relax and diving, build your own brand in a year, even go for an atoning research in 5 years.

Fighting for each dream is a great and tough adventure. DreaMarker is the companion of you on this unique trip. And you will get surprising gifts that hatched by this app when a dream is completed. Don’t be hesitated! Start to make your dream true. Share your dream with friends via social network, and shout out loud: “Hello, my dream. I’m ready!”

☆ Tracks and reminds you the progress of your dream plan.
☆ Quick notes for your moods and thoughts.
☆ Three simple and clear ways of time measuring.
☆ Camera roll supported for sharing your dream on social network.
☆ GPS supported for sharing your location.
☆ Cute surprises hatched by the app come out randomly once your dream come true.
☆ Share you dream via facebook, twitter and weibo.
☆ Retina display supported.