In few months ago that we know Nokia has announced Symbian Carla and Donna will be the last Update of Symbian^3 and they were said a big update from Carla will take the user to the new generation of symbian. That we heard from Nokia and many people pleased with those news.
the updates of carla are including
  • New style of the QWERTY keyboard
  • New version of the music player
  • New version of the Browser
  • New Interface for Option (Now with Blue button – Look a like on Meego Harmattan)
  • New Lock screen without Unlock Button
  • New method (Swipe to unlock) to unlock the screen

Those updates are good,right? tongue.gif

but the story of carla is over. what? what do you mean with its over? ohmy.gif what can i say to you, in few days ago nokia had already made a statement if symbian carla was cancelled according to nokia official. Nokia also said if symbian carla is known as symbian belle FP1,But it is not just a name change - both upcoming Feature Packs won't bring major updates, HD screens and dual-core CPU support,and that all mean Symbian belle is the last update to any symbian^3 phones.
If all of this is true then Symbian is as good as dead.
We have to wait for an official announcement, though it does makes sense – as the Symbian market share diminishes rapidly, Nokia is putting all its efforts into Windows Phone.

for those people who had not seen any screenshots of carla yet , here i would like to share to you how they look like smile.gif check it out thumbsup.gif