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It's May 2012 and time to promote some M9rs by
awarding their hard work with some badges!

First we have the lovely
A great contestant - hard to beat & always a pleasure to have as a DC participant!
Check out her gallery: Link

Next we have the charming
Who always makes a little time to show some love for the DC
and never stops learning and growing.
Check out his gallery: Link

Thirdly we have the ever creative
Not just a great themer Soumya has shown himself to be a talented artist in all areas.
Check out his gallery: Link

Our Gifted Artist this month is M9s newest manager


who managed to qualify for this badge the week before he became the new DC manager!
A great and talented competitor with a uniquely dynamic style.
Check out his gallery: Link

Our heartfelt congratulations to you all

♥~WPC Promotion May 2012~♥

WPC Is Pleased To Announce The Legendary And Certified Designer For This Month

So First With The Legend!!!

This Woman Does Not Require Any Introduction Her Skill And Her Art Are All That Blows Aways One's Mind
She Came, She Saw And She Conquered, Setting An Example For So Many Among Us
She's None Other Than Our Very Own


♥~Truly Deserving This Badge~♥

>>Check Out Her Artworks And Be Inspired<<

>>You Can Also Checkout Her Gallery For More<<


Moving On To Our Next Member

Last Year He Had Been Promoted To Gifted Designer
Its A Little More Than A Year Since Then And This Guy Has Been Making A Name For Himself
Creating Really Impressive And Amazing Artworks And Proving His Worth To All
Its None Other Than


--»This Badge Belongs To You Now«--

<~Check Out His Artworks~>

<~You Can Check Out His Gallery~>

clap.gif My Heartiest Wishes To Both Of You clap.gif
thumbsup.gif Good Luck To You For The Future thumbsup.gif

Themers Award May 2012

Today we will do the biggest promotion in history to celebrate those amazing guys & girls who make fabulous themes to dress people's phone up. Ready for the ride? Let's go!

Legendary Themer
We give this award very rarely. Only eight thus far. So for those who made it, you know they are really good. Today we're very glad to welcome Xailin into this ultimate hall-of-fame. Xailin comes from Russia & doesn't speak much because of language barrier but that doesn't matter because every single theme from her speaks very loudly. Every theme is so unique that you just can't stop admiring the backgrounds, the softkeys, the barwork etc etc. And you also can't stop adding to favourite. Go see yourself, she is one of the most creative themers we ever seen. notworthy.gif notworthy.gif Big big big congrats Xailin, is on the way!

Certified Themer
This time the goes to three lovely M9ers. First, Joly! Jolansky never stop learning new tricks, new skills. You can find all sort of themes for various platforms in her gallery. And if you browse from the oldest to latest theme, you get to see her improvement step by step, one theme at a time.

Then we have Nazarenko, another lady who makes fabulous themes for both Sony Ericsson & Nokia phones. One year after scoping up the Rosy award, Naza managed to add more trophies to her theming cabinet, making it to 5 golds & 20 trophies in total. Check out Naza's gallery of awesomeness!

Finally we have someone riding a rocket! I'm sure Mango doesn't need any introduction. 6 golds & 19 trophies in super short time. Simply amazing. Like some other fellow Russians before her, Mango's themes come in lots of backgrounds shapes, colors & styles. You need to see them yourself to appreciate the creativity.

Congratulations Joly, Naza & Mango.

Gifted Themer
He has true M9er personalities - friendly, humble, hardworking & never tired of helping others to improve their themes. On top of that, he makes very stylish themes. Landscape theme is harder to make but if you take a tour of his gallery, you find themes that's as impressive as it can be. There's no doubt that he is now in the Rosy league. Congratulations Mkraj!, the is now yours!

Rising Themer
Always nice to see fresh faces in the theming arena brushing their skills & meet new theming mentors. Interesting themers that have caught our eyes this time are akhtarmis, RandyMabius, Vino, anshuvaid, Manjuraja & Mashhellboy. clapping.gif clapping.gif Congrats! The will now fly high in your profile. Keep working!
Yoyocell you are deserved it thumbsup.gif congrats smile.gif
My congratulation to all newly promoted members clapping.gif
Wow truly happy+excited, to own a digital butterfly smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
big congrates to dj, dc, wp, themers adward
thanks god ultimately someone got got something

I heartily congratulate all magnificent masters in all categories! you deserve it! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

OMG wow.gif AW ! many thanks for an assessment of my works and warm words about me! I am very happy that my works are pleasant!

Many thanks to all!
big congrats to


Gemini7010, BENnGWEN, soumyadeepbshn for dedicated artist
anulubi for gifted artist

manola for gifted dj
nimesh_kum, rafalnowak75, topmanner1 for certified dj

liapireas for legendry designer

Xailin, Jolansky, Nazarenko, Mango for certified themer
Mkraj for gifted themer
akhtarmis, RandyMabius, Vino, anshuvaid, Manjuraja & Mashhellboy for rising themer

thanks for promoting me as a certified designer enna, amdy & mohib & thanks for supporting me in wpc & for all my lovely wpc members ..... smile.gif
without you all guys it never be happend wub.gifwub.gif
First of all a big congratulation to all the promoted member , u all really deserved it .
Thank u so much to one of my all time favorite person in m9 "Eric " , my bro Anu , MOM ( really miss u a lot ) & also to all the awesome m9'ers , without them "soumyadeepbshn" would b just a username .
Well I'm talking so much as I'm not around these days in m9 for some personal reasons , but m9 will remain in a special corner of my heart as this the first web platform where I recognized myself that I also have some creativity . But the most important thing is I made some wonderful friends here , they r precious & hard to find in cyber world .
M9 is not just a website , it's a family , full of talented , creative & lovely persons .
I'll be back soon !
Congratulation To All Promoted Members There's a Big List tongue.gif laugh.gif
May God bless you Guys and Girls wink.gif
best of Luck for Future thumbsup.gif
Congratulations all the promoted members.. clap.gif clap.gif

So much happy for Anshu Deedee and Jolly... You deserved it.. clapping.gif clapping.gif

wow. big congrats to all promoted members. very well desrved wow.gif wow.gif
thank you so much for the lovable badge for me notworthy.gif

All well deserved..Am so happy to be the part of the crew..wub.gif Congratulations to all achievers!!
soooooo many promoted members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

Thank you Thank you thank you very much AW<<,for this promotion!!!! notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif


clap.gif clap.gif wub.gif congrats to all well deserved winners !! well done friends !! wub.gif clap.gif clap.gif
OMG Iam speechless for having rising themer award for me...thanks aw... wow.gif

for Gemini7010 ,benngwen and soumyadeepbshn .. for dedicated artist promotion... haha.gif

anu brother for gifted artist....

and dj's too...
nimesh_kum,rafalnowak75, topmanner1 for certified djs..

for manola2 for gifted dj.... haha.gif

liapireas for legendry designer we got another legendry designer.....
haha.gif wow.gif

Xailin, Jolansky, Nazarenko, Mango for certified themer.. haha.gif wow.gif

Mkraj for gifted themer.. haha.gif

akhtarmis, RandyMabius, anshuvaid, Manjuraja & Mashhellboy for rising themer...too... haha.gif
congrats all clapping.gif clapping.gif

@ Jolly U deserve it.....!
wow! I am very happy!!!!!! notworthy.gif
Patricia and my dear friends many, many thanks for this promotion, for you beautiful words!
Good luck to all wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
It's a great surprise and Honour!! wub.gif wub.gif Thanks a lot!!! I wholeheartedly thank the admins and the managers !! notworthy.gif notworthy.gif

Congrats Lia !! This is a milestone!! wow.gif wow.gif

Congrats Gemini dear - You deserved it sister!! wow.gif wow.gif

Sowmya dear - You too deserved it ! wow.gif wow.gif

Ben bro - It's time to honour you too!! Congrats!! wow.gif wow.gif

topmanner1 - You are rocking !! Congrats!! wow.gif wow.gif

Anu bro - Congratulations for your promotion to next level badge!! wow.gif wow.gif

Hearty congrats to nimesh_kum,rafalnowak75 and Manola!! wow.gif wow.gif

And I congratulate awesome theme makers Xailin, Jolansky, Nazarenko, Mango, Mkraj ,akhtarmis, RandyMabius, anshuvaid & Mashhellboy !!
wow.gif wow.gif
My congratulation to all promoted members !!!!!!!!! clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

to all promoted members clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
Congratssssssssss to all promoted Talents ..

It,s wonderfull to see tht most of those talents r my friends ..

CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ..TO R new legend Xailin ..and our all time Legand Liapireas wub.gif wub.gif clapping.gifclapping.gif

Congratssssssssss To amazing DJ,S WOW .. Nemish , Manolaa , Rafal , Topmann ... Go go R Amazing DJ,s.. clapping.gifclapping.gif

Congrats ..Anulubi, Gemini , Benny ..Soumyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..... clapping.gifclapping.gif clapping.gif

Congratssssssss to my Sweet heartsssssssssssss ...Nazarenko , wonderfull Mangotango and my sweetest heart Jolanseky ...

Happy for u girlessssssssssssssss ..wub.gif wub.gif clapping.gifclapping.gif

Congrats MKRajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ..tottal deserver dear ... wub.gif clapping.gif

And Last but not least ..Congrats to my wonderfull friend Srimunnamunna ... for another amazing victory ... wub.gif clapping.gif
Ah my god so many promoted members this month !!!!!!!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
21 new shinny badges for 21 talented, hardworking and very well deserved members !!!!! cheers.gif cheers.gif cheers.gif
We didn't have any promotions from February but all I can say it that it was worth the waiting ! clap.gif
So congratulations to everybody !!!!!!!!!

And of course for my new legend promotion a big thanks to Enna, Mohib and AMDO who wrote this excellent announcement for me !!!!!!
Thanks sooooo much I love my new horse badge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clap.gif


to all promoted member ...
well deserved.......... clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
Congrats to all the promoted members! clapping.gif clapping.gif
You guys really deserved it! smile.gif

Wow M9 is flooded with so many promotions and celebrations..Such awesome badges and promotions ..A huge one !!!!
Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners . very well Deserved ..

@Lia superb achievement dear ..Which legendary badge is left now tongue.gif.. You are the M9 Queen .well deserved ..Ummm A tight virtual hug smile.gif
I m so glad i was here today and hope to be here for sometime now
wow, so many promoted members wow.gif
my congrats to everyone, very well deserved wub.gif

and thanks a lot to you guys for my new shiny badge, didnt expected that wub.gif wow.gif wub.gif
Congratulations all the promoted members... thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif cheers.gif
Congratulations all the promoted members!!!!!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Thank you very much for the legendary badge!!!! Now, during my long and serious illness is a huge present for me .... I'm very happy!!!!! Patricia, thank you so much!!!!!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
OMG!!! so many promotions!!! wow.gif

My warm and heartfelt congratulations to Gemini7010, BENnGWEN, soumyadeepbshn, anulubi, nimesh_kum, rafalnowak75, topmanner1, liapireas, srimunnamunna, Xailin, Jolansky, Nazarenko, Mango, Mkraj, akhtarmis, RandyMabius, Vino, anshuvaid, Manjuraja & Mashhellboy wow.gif wub.gif wow.gif

and thank you thank you THANK YOU christy for appreciating me wub.gif im really happy and proud to see this badge on my profile wub.gif

great work by all of you guys!!! thumbsup.gif wow.gif
to all Promoted members clap.gif clap.gif

esp. to Lia for amazing journey in WPC and hearty congrats on your legendary badge wow.gif wow.gif Well Deserved notworthy.gif

@ Sri Congrats to you clap.gif clap.gif

@ manola, Rafal and Topy well deserved guys clap.gif clap.gif

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
Oh my goodness !! wow.gif wow.gif
I was away for some days & in bwtween I got such a pleasant surprise clapping.gif wow.gif clapping.gif

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Master for the lovely badge notworthy.gif notworthy.gif & Thanks a world friends for your lovely words for me wub.gif wub.gif

Bigggggggggggggggg to all Deserving promoted members wow.gif clapping.gif wow.gif

Way to go wub.gif wub.gif
clap.gif congrats all promoted members clap.gif

to all the Promoted members
clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif CONGRATULATION TO ALL PROMOTED MEMBERS clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif VERY WELL DESERVED clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif



Too... All The Promoted Members clapping.gif clapping.gif

You all very well deserve this promotion...

My heartiest Congrats to all of you and keep up the good work thumbsup.gif

@Admins (Especially Christina & RC Friends) -
Thank you so much to you all. This is a big honor for me, its not possible without your support and guidance... notworthy.gif

@All for your warm regards friends... smile.gif

congrats ...
RuAtoUmtdHzwn Chanel Bags rqUlhLC
congrats to all winner. me also want to win smile.gif
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