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Welcome to DC 50

This is the 6th time we are having a "Photoshop This!" Contest, and I choose this topic because i wanted to start my Journey as a DC manager with my favorite topic.I hope you all are happy with the topic. smile.gif


Use the image of the empty hall below to create a wallpaper.Manipulate, add, crop, resize and change anything you want in the image as long as we can still see that you used this original image.


This topic will be open for 2 weeks until Sunday 13 May at 18:00 GMT.

Confirmed Participants

- anulubi
- mohamedali05
- magicas1
- shaon007009
- taghytotty
- manjuraja
- Aeronitor
- shusdm2
- mylaraghav
- vinothvardha
- mashhellboy
- Sonythemescreation
- laciad
- jimitjaishwal
- anabhi
- naghi63
- lenhudiel
- Nilaplayboy
- Rahulanant83
- Yahont
- Add me! I want to join!
Great image! I'm looking forward to seeing what people create with it wow.gif 10.gif
Great topic clapping.gifthumbsup.gif plz add my name laugh.gif
QUOTE (CrazEric @ Apr 30 2012, 12:15 AM) *
Great image! I'm looking forward to seeing what people create with it wow.gif 10.gif

thanks. notworthy.gif . m very exited about that smile.gif

QUOTE (mohamedali05 @ Apr 30 2012, 01:05 AM) *
Great topic clapping.gifthumbsup.gif plz add my name laugh.gif

great!added! smile.gif
I am in off course laugh.gif one of my favv topics to great pic for it
anu how much of original pic we have to have is it ok just keep the shape of the room? so we still can see that ist the same?
QUOTE (magicas1 @ Apr 30 2012, 01:19 PM) *
I am in off course laugh.gif one of my favv topics to great pic for it
anu how much of original pic we have to have is it ok just keep the shape of the room? so we still can see that ist the same?

Added!! clap.gif
its the same photoshop cthis contest. you can add many originals you want. thumbsup.gif
Have some idea with it.. Please count me in as well Anu bro.. notworthy.gif
Lol It Remins me of a air planes hangers ..tongue.gif could be musume of hotel or a million thing .. love z topic ..i m also in clap.gif clap.gif
Looks like it would be much fun ,,,Great topic anu bro ,,,I'm in
I am in too...Add me Anu bro!!
Wonderful Topic ! 10.gif Great Choice Anu clapping.gif Congratulations on Starting of your Journey as DC Manager ! thumbsup.gif
Good luck For Future thumbsup.gif
BTW Count me in smile.gif
Thanks a lot aero bro wub.gif
glad you all like the topic smile.gif

Entry Thread 50 is now opened
add me in
My Entry :


Hello byebye.gif

Is there space for me too, maybe I'll participate. grouphug.gif
@Mash - You stole my ideas devil2.gif laugh.gif Your Work looks Outstanding !
@Sony - Welcome back ! Bro happy.gif
@Aeronitor: Ya Thanks i like stealing others idea smile.gif
@ Anu Bro:
Great to see you as a manager & starting a new topic bro wow.gif clapping.gif wow.gif

Its my most favourite topic on DC, but this is the 1st time I'll be missing it sad.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif
I'm too occupied with my exam study & job, so will join you all soon again, may be after 3 weeks wink.gif
But, I'll be around for sure smile.gif
So, till then, wish you all the success as a new manager & also Master, you get a helping hand here smile.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Love both of you as Managers wub.gif wub.gif
mash great work mate, very nice idea. 10.gif
ben thanks a lot bro.i'm glad you'd be around wub.gif my best wishes for your exam thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
My try.....

Fight Club

MY simple try


@Raghav - Fantastic Fighting wall ! Don't forget to add Gallery and originals link thumbsup.gif
@Vinoth - Fabulous Wally

Here is Mine -
great work mate @masboy
love fights @mylaraghav
very cool vinothvardha and aero
Thank you smile.gif
mylaraghav great work. great idea 10.gif
vinoth thats lookng awesome. 10.gif
aero this is my favorite game ever i played. i just love the lead charector of that game. vito! and you have made a great entry 10.gif

@ mashellboy cool one

@ myla welcome back and with a smashing entry

@ sonyd welcome back

@vinoth so cool great game and good sepia look

@aeronator wow so good

i was in a dark mood

so i just kept the shape of the room

magic youre always in a dark mood mom tongue.gif . this is the best dark wally so far from you in my opinion wow.gif 10.gif
@ anu thank you so much wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif so happy you like it and yes i am always in some dark mood laugh.gif
Add Mee its Intresting..
@anu - Thank You Bro smile.gif I've Made some Extra Duplicate Posts so please Kindly Remove them sad.gif Sorry for that notworthy.gif
@Magicas - You've Totally Changed it !! laugh.gif Love it ! wub.gif
@SonyThemeCreation - Welcome To DC ! thumbsup.gif
@ aeronator thanks wub.gif wub.gif yes i made some smaller changes laugh.gif laugh.gif
@ anu bro:
Thanks a lot bro for your best wishes wub.gif wub.gif

@ mashhellboy:
Great work 10.gif

@ sonyd:
WOW wow.gif Great to see you after a long long time bro clapping.gif

@ myla:
Great to see you back in action bro wow.gif wow.gif Great work & concept 10.gif

@ vinothvardha:
Awesome Wally 10.gif

@ Aeronitor:
Great Wally, great clarity 10.gif

@ magicas1:
OUTSTANDING Dark wally Mom & I agree with anu, your BEST dark wally so far 10.gif 10.gif
Ciao Anu:)

maybe I will try me too to made something......hmmmmmm
@mashhellboy:perfect wally,,,nice red car,,,well done

@mylaraghav:nice club,,,good job,well done

@vinothvardha:awesome NFS wally,nice color

@Aeronitor:good job,,,nice wally

@magicas1:nice dark wally,,,good object placement

Awesome entries guys n' girls, add me in, here's my try

Kiss Goodbye

Originals used

@lenny - Very Romantic Wally clapping.gif (but i think the Kissing couple should be Little Bigger )

Thanks Guys and Girls for your kind comments notworthy.gif
ADD mE..... .
Hi Anu bro,

Seems like its its ur first Dc..and ur fav topic. Great...

All the Best bro,Keep going.

And hi everyone...i ve seen wonderful entries..awesome.

i miss u all and DC.

Love to join.but i cant now.i think soon i'll join.

EDIT: Hi eric,i dnt u still here or not.

But i always say u r best..and wanted to be here.

tc.Have a wonderful daye ahead.
QUOTE (Aeronitor @ May 4 2012, 10:39 PM) *
@lenny - Very Romantic Wally clapping.gif (but i think the Kissing couple should be Little Bigger )

Thanks Guys and Girls for your kind comments notworthy.gif

Thanks for the advice, i'll fix it soon
i am new here.... notworthy.gif
can i particapte here surrender.gif
len absolutely brilliant!! very greatly done! 10.gif

Aleena yes dear, its my first dc as mngr smile.gif thank you so much for the wishing wub.gif .i'm really sad that you are not in my first DC sad.gif

anabhi why not? welcome to DC byebye.gif read the rules of DC here, before participating DC thumbsup.gif
@Aleena - Glad To See You Here Again wub.gif
@Anabhi - WOW Bro !! wow.gif Welcome to DC ! I'm Very happy to see you Bro ! happy.gif
thanks for add in
going to edit, and thanks anulubi and aeronitor
@ lenhudiel:
Thatz just thinking out of the box idea dear wow.gif 10.gif wow.gif Amazing 10.gif

@ Aleena:
Great to see you in forum Dear Sis wub.gif wub.gif
I just wish your quickest recovery & be back in winning action soon wub.gif wub.gif Miss U for sure wub.gif wub.gif
I'm glad to see that my bestfriend Aneez started his journey as a DC manager. clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif Just keep going on Anu thumbsup.gif We all are with you....!!! wub.gif wub.gif

Here is my first try in DC, I hope you all will like it. gathering.gif

Avengers - DC Week 50



Glad to see you here evin wow.gif .
And thanks for the comment on my starting wub.gif .
So sorry, njan dc start cheytha kaaryam ninnod parayan marannu poyi. sad.gif . Please tell murphy also about my starting smile.gif .
Abt the wallp. Its awesome. Great placement.some shadow works would be nice in it. 10.gif .
Njan e movie kanan kathirikkuvaa.ivide releace ayittilla.
... and this is my try for this week in DC


Hiii every one .......... its pleasure working with u guys........ i have edited my picture with little

changes will add .psd file and gallery link soon.......

all you guys are doing a great job here, i have seen the new dean (anulubi) of this den (D.C) this good, changes are always for sake of good thumbsup.gif , but missing my

oldies... sad.gif


Hey sweetheart that's a warm welcome, Thanx for my appreciationm and u have done an excellent work 10.gif


Hey my sweet brother, thanx for everything till now........ Just missed u soo much, waiting for your work wub.gif wub.gif


Good one bro...... wow.gif


Thats racing paradise bro, excellent thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif


nice try bro.... clapping.gif clapping.gif


nice idea bro...... cheers.gif cheers.gif


Avengers....... coooooooolllllll flex.gif flex.gif


cooolllllllll flex.gif punk.gif photo.gif

@YMKL and @kazjin and @anulubi

Thank u guys.......... clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
@Evin - Welcome to DC ! Great Work Brother clapping.gif Nice idea thumbsup.gif
@Laura - Awesome !! clap.gif clap.gif

- Lots of New Faces here ! Great Going Anu this week is Gonna be Super Hit !! BTW I Miss Eric sad.gif Where is He ?

Thanks For Lovely Comments notworthy.gif
laciad great work dear loooking so hot and horror 10.gif
ragav we also pleasue to have you in dc wub.gif .
well ther's no need you to show your psd to us. you can put all the originals in one image like this .i think its the easiest way. and also its the easiest way to see your work smile.gif
aero i'm really exited that i can see some new face at my first dc wow.gif .
i hope eric is around in dc and seeing all posts on dc. but i feel too missing him. wub.gif
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