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Full Version: Can Some1 Help Me :'(
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Well...i download the theme i want normaly,then i send it to my phone and when i press the button to apply it..a message tells that it is broken...what's going on?
Maybe you are not doing it right... You send it from your computer? I have internet on my phone so I don't have such a problem and I guess something gets screwed up while you are sending the theme.... ??? sad.gif
Can you tell me how much themes did you install on your phone? if its to much your phone will cant change the theme and you will get that message..something also happen if that theme is broken smile.gif dont worry..try to download again..if its still not working , just delete it thumbsup.gif
m9 servers don't support resume option, so sometimes files are not completely downloaded wacko.gif
Try downloading again smile.gif
ya am also facing this atlest om upload is to slow pls upgrade the servers as well as possible and resume capacity was the new one in <url snipped> also don't having resume capacity if m9 will do this it will be top 1
may incompletly downloaded!!
ur mbl may nt be support it
u talking about which ph?
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