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Full Version: Week 253 - Winners Announced ! ! !
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We have WINNERS!!

lenhudiel joined us for the first time this week, so this trophy

goes to you. clap.gif clap.gif

Gold trophy winner is:


Silver trophy winner is:


Bronze trophy winner is:


Roohan93, Idias_1, Rafalnowak75, Srimunnamunna, Aeronitor, Danger__shah, sksahoozzz, parrot25, hunky_guy, justbe3112 and sonyd


topmanner 121
amdo 114
nimesh 107
munna 105
idias 99
rafal 91
danger__shah 90
sonyd 65
aeronitor 63
justbe 62
parrot 50
hunky_guy 43
lenhudiel 40
roohan 39
sksahoozzz 36

Congratulation to the winners. im happy to praticipate in RC
Congrats to all winners clap.gif clap.gif

Amazing Job everyone thumbsup.gif

Well Done Christy clapping.gif
congrats to raj, amdy & nimesh
thanks for the votes & comments guys
great work christy
Congratulations Raj , Amdo , & Nimesh clapping.gif cheers.gif clapping.gif
Thank You All For The Votes And Comments
Awesome Work By Every One clapping.gif 10.gif
Congratulations... to Raj & Amdo bro for ur awesome win & all the other participants clapping.gif clapping.gif

Superb entries this week by everyone, Great job well done thumbsup.gif clapping.gif

Heartiest thanks to all for ur valuable votes, comments & favs... notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Honestly I am bit dis-hearted now sad.gif crybaby.gif
When I see comments on my file, I think I made a good mix
When I look at the votes, I realize that my mix was not even close to good sad.gif

I have request for you guys,
please give me your comments honestly so that I can improve smile.gif
if my mix is bad, then say it's bad ..... if it's average then say it's just average .....
Congrats to winners clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
Thanks for all the nice and cool comments and adding to favorite.. wub.gif
congrats to all winners!!! clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif
tnx for votes & comments my friends!!!
all the works R awesome!!! tnx guys!! wow.gif thumbsup.gif wow.gif


clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif Topy, Amdo & Nimix clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
BIG Congrats to all amazing winners Topy, Amdo and Nim .. clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Great efforts by all DJs .. thumbsup.gif 10.gif

Thanks so much for all the kind comments and votes winkiss.gif notworthy.gif
clap.gif clap.gif Congrats to winners clap.gif clap.gif
My late but sincere congratulations to all the winners clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
thanks for your votes, comments and favorites notworthy.gif
great job christy thumbsup.gif
clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
COngratulations to all winners and participants.

Big thanks to Christina 10.gif 10.gif 10.gif 10.gif
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