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DC 35 Results
Photoshop This!

This week we had 11 awesome entries!
clap.gif clap.gif Thanks to all the participants for joining us and making this challenge a success!
clap.gif clap.gif

And here's the result of your votes:

1. Liapireas

2. Anulubi

3. Aleena

10.gif Biiig Congrats to the winners!!! 10.gif
And great job to all the other participants!

Vigneshjan is disqualified for not voting, all other participants voted. Thanks to our guest voters Tinca, Soumyadeeep, Taghytotty and Mohamedali!
to Lia , Anu , Aleena & also all the participants , very well deserved .
congrats . . Lia ,anu,aleena . . ! Awesome job . . .!
Congratulations to Anu and Aleena !!!!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
Thanks so much for your beautiful comments and votes for my wallpaper ...

Congrats to Lia, Anulubi & Aleena wow.gif clap.gif

thanks to everyone for a great week notworthy.gif
to lia anu and aleena
A big congratulations to Lia, anu and aleena clap.gif
congratulations to the winners, its always a pleasure to be with you in these contests notworthy.gif

to anu , lia rockon.gif rockon.gif and aleena...
Congrats to Lia, Anulubi & Aleena smile.gif
To Dear Lia, Anu Bro & Aleena Sis wub.gif winkiss.gif wub.gif

Ooooooooops blink.gif blink.gif Wrong Congrats rolleyes.gif dry.gif

for the Victory Guyz wub.gif wub.gif


Mother & Master

Ooooooooops tongue.gif Mistake again rolleyes.gif

Way To Go

laugh.gif angel_not.gif laugh.gif
Congrats Lia , Anu and Aleena..!!! Well Deserved!! wub.gif wub.gif
My heartiest congratulations to Lia , Anu & Aleena clap.gif clap.gif clapping.gif
congratz to anu lia and aleena
QUOTE (BENnGWEN @ Dec 14 2011, 03:12 AM) *
Ooooooooops blink.gif blink.gif Wrong Congrats rolleyes.gif dry.gif

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
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