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Full Version: 10 Facts About Nokia N8
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1. The name. N8. This is the first Nseries with
a single digit in it’s name. And it’s not ANY
number. It’s number “8″. It’s a big and bold
statement. In Asian culture, number 8 is
associated with “GOOD LUCK” and “PROSPERITY”.
All the big online media coverage before and
after it’s official announcement shows a signal
that Nokia is still in the game and will charge
at all cost to defend it’s throne.
2. It’s colours. It’s available in a family of
colours. You dont like Black? Choose the Blue
one or if you are not into Orange, you can pick
the Green one. To my eyes, all the colours looks
gorgeous. Together with the anodised
aluminium body, N8 looks like a piece of an
alien spacecraft! Shiny.. and metal… and looks
exclusive… and unique!
3. Strong Multimedia support. In my
opinion, Symbian has always been
underestimated by all manufacturers
especially Nokia. In recent memory, only
Samsung i8910 OmniaHD and Sony Ericsson
Satio can be considered as having some of the
best Multimedia hardware amongst Symbian
smartphones. With N8, finally Nokia give
Symbian justice by putting superb hardware :
- Capacitive OLED screen, check
- 12 Megapixel camera powered by Carl Zeiss
optics and Xenon flash, check
- High definition video recording with stereo
sound, check
- HDMI support, check
- Dolby Digital sound, check
- 16 GB internal storage, check
- FM Transmitter, check
As an independent writer and blogger, as well
as producer of audio and video contents, I
need a powerful device that is able to grab
important moments without fuss. For example,
I can attend any launch events and record
high quality videos and snap photos to be
published on i-Symbian.Com for all of you to
4. I haven never seen any other
smartphones support USBToGo. For
Symbian, it is actually a standard which was
included in Symbian OS v9.5 specification which
was announced somewhere in 2007. With
USBToGo, transferring huge files (such as
videos taken using N8′s 12 mp camera,
obviously) to USB thumb-drive or USB hard-
drive is easy. N8 sales package will include a
cable that will act as the connector to the
external USB device. This is supercool! 5. Powerful processors. A 680 MHz main
procecessor which powers the overall operations
of the N8 and another processor dedicated to
the graphical needs. This opens many
possibilities. One of them, hopefully, is more
compelling and efficient user experience.
Application developers will be able to create
richer eye-candies for their applications. In
short, Symbian applications will look better.
6. 256 MB RAM with Writable Demand
Paging. This will make N8 fast and stable to
cope with many applications running in the
background. As one of the enhancements in
Symbian^3 combined with visual task switcher to
ease jumping from one application to another,
multitasking experience on Symbian will be
pushed to the next level.
7. Built in Ovi and Nokia applications
and services. One of Nokia’s strengths (or
weaknesses, depends on how you look at), is
services and applications developed around
Ovi ecosystem. N8 comes with Ovi Store, Ovi Maps
and Ovi Contacts integrated as well as Nokia
Messaging Email, Nokia Messaging Chat and
Nokia Messaging Social Networks. All these will
make a more complete user experience. For me,
Ovi Maps, Ovi Store and Nokia Messaging Emails
are the must haves.
8. Symbian^3. As the world’s first Nokia
smartphone powered by the new Symbian^3
operating system, N8 itself is a history in the
making. Many people asspciated it with
Symbian^1 aka S60 5th Edition but they never
consider all improvements under the hood that
make Symbian^3 a force to reckon with. It’s not
the make-up in the interface department only
that makes Symbian^3 different from
Symbian^1 but the Operating System has been
carefully open sourced and enhanced. Look at
the single-click direct interaction, easy
internet connection and supports for a wide
variety of processor related stuff. To those who
are short-sighted and made early negative
judgement before even testing Symbian^3,
please do more research and do some reading.
Dont simply write-off Symbian^3 without real
hard facts and hands on experience. One
important feature of Symbian^3 is it’s
backward compatibility with older Symbian
versions because it’s still supporting AVKON
apps and also future compatibility with Qt
runtime. This is only one of many more
enhancements and improvements in Symbian^3
that should be considered.
9. It’s a Nokia. Do not underestimate what
this Finnish behemoth can do. Whatever bad
reputations they made in the past years
especially in the case of N97 Classic, they have
shown that they are willing to offer free
firmware improvements. The fact that Nokia is
the major contributor to the success of Symbian
in the smartphone market is also a proof that
Nokia is doing more than other Symbian
manufacturers. We’ve seen Nokia releasing
enhancements after enhancements unlike
Samsung and Sony Ericsson who seems are not
bothered to support those who bought their
Symbian products. N8, in this regards, will
hopefully not be abandoned by Nokia and will
be improved further. Who knows if Nokia
decided to backport some Symbian^4 features
to N8 in the near future?
10. The price! EUR370 is more or less
RM1565.00. It can be considered as very
affordable. Not that far from the introduction
price of Nokia 5800 Xpress Music 2 years ago.
Normally, for a flagship, Nokia’s price is more
than EUR500. This is really unbelievable!
Well. That’s my excitement and hope for Nokia
N8. It’s been a while since I was this excited
about a Symbian product and to be honest, I
cant wait! BRING IT ON Nokia N8 FTW!!!
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