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Full Version: Cannot Change Wallpaper S40 Theme
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Hi, I have never made a theme, but have altered a few using theme studio and carbide (which i find quite difficult to use). I downloaded several themes from this site and when I opened them on my phone, the wallpaper was an advertisement which says 'free latest mobile download site'
I have tried everything to remove this ad and replace it with a different image. I even tried altering the xml file (by googling and using someones instructions) but NOTHING I have done so far works. I change to zip file, alter wallpaper, change back to nth. When I open it again, the same advertisement image is showing as wallpaper, it just keeps putting bacck the same image.
How can I remove this advert and put my own image in its place please?
Many thanks in advance.
thats very complicated
better create new theme with carbide with ur image
do master reset
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