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Full Version: How To Transfer Data From Old Phone's Sim Card To Iphone 4?
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I recently got the new iPhone 4 but it doesn't have my contacts and old text messages etc. I previously had the iPhone 3gs. When I upgraded my iphone 3gs to iphone 4 they gave me a new sim card but it was basically a replica of my old sim card (eg.same number).
You can do with your itunes for it you have to put them on your itunes.iTunes will backup everything on the iPhone.
In iTunes, with the iPhone selected on the left, click the Info tab and make sure Contact syncing is enabled.
Besides,there is a article about How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iTunes, which can help you transfer data from iPhone.
Good Luck.
iPhones do not store SMS and Contact data in the sim card. It stores them on the phone itself. To transfer data from your 3Gs to iP4, connect 3Gs ti itunes, right click the device in left panel and choose back up. Then connect iP4 to itunes, right click device and restore from back up.
iOS does allow importing of contacts from a SIM card (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Import SIM Contacts), but iOS does not store contacts on a SIM card, so if you upgrade from one iPhone to another, there is nothing to import from the SIM card, because there is nothing stored on it to begin with. The correct way to transfer data from one iPhone to another is via iTunes backup/restore.

But you can follow this step by step guide about How to transfer SMS and Contacts from iPhone to PC, including all files such as SMS,Contacts,Music,Photo and video etc.
For Mac:How to transfer iPhone files to Mac
For PC:How to transfer SMS and Contacts from iPhone to PC
It's easy to understand and works pretty well for my iPhone.
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