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Full Version: Say Hello To M9 V6: Smart Gallery, Activities, Unified Profile + More
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Heya M9ers! byebye.gif

Two months ago, we told you that big changes is coming soon to M9. By now, all of you know what these new stuff are & play with them. How is it? Getting used to the v6 alien already? devil2.gif Let's take a quick look of the new stuff!

Smart Gallery
It's no secret that our gallery of free downloads is one of the best out there. With v6, you just tell us the device you use and we will show you all the compatible downloads in one place. Plus, you can add a few devices into one simple list. Want free stuff for your phone & tablet? For your two different phones? For yourself & your girl? No problem!

Apps is the cool kid in town. With v6, you can browse new, popular, and local apps as they come in. We want to make discovering apps a fun & social experience. More to come in this area, stay tuned!

This is a new toy in v6. People do all sorts of things on M9. With Activities, you can keep track of them all in once convenient location. Start to follow some interesting M9ers & discover a world of cool stuff they share, upload, and add to favourite.

We made some important changes in profiles. It's no longer just your face of the community. It's also your command central (the good old My Account is gone!). You can now see & manage all your uploads, favourites, gifts, and people you're connected with in one place. And, you get to collect some cool new badges too.


To learn more & to see some how-to videos, check out what's awesome for users & for developers.

If you find M9 v6 good, please recommend us to friends/like our stuff to Facebook/mention us on your blog/tweet about us on Twitter. M9 is made popular by you. Thanks so much for the support all these years. notworthy.gif

Also, with a major launch like this, there are usually a bunch of issues. wallbash.gif We already fixed some but if you notice something please report the problem or give us suggestion.

Lastly, v6 is the hard work of a team of people. They poured many hours, sweat & tears to make v6 possible. Please don't forget to give them a big big clap. clapping.gif Well done guys!

m9 v6 is really cool..I'm loving many of the new features.. smile.gif wub.gif

Kudos to all the team members for their hard work.. thumbsup.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

But hope the bugs will be fixed soon too.. smile.gif

Keep up the good work.. grouphug.gif byebye.gif
V6 is Much better than the Old one and include lots of nice changes. thumbsup.gif It rocks. rockon.gif

QUOTE (shouvik5310xm @ Aug 16 2011, 12:04 PM) *
everything in v6 is fine. . .but there are two problems. . .
1. we can't remove comments from mobile.
2. we can't see our older comments from mobile.
as we call it 'mobile9', then these things must be done from mobile too. . .right?

Yeas I have the same problem,sometimes I even can't post comments when using mobile. wallbash.gif
Just lovin' the new version of m9 happy.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Mobile9 V6 is just rocking. rockon.gif
I m loving it........ thumbsup.gif wub.gif wub.gif
clap.gif i love v6 ...... only small problems

are there ....but dont worry friends surely

admins working on them .......uploading system

quit good than before ......thanks admin team ..

we will find real fun here ....
Good job m9..!! The v6 I better than the older m9. I've seen some pros and cons of the v6.. but hey nothing is perfect in this world. May be in future we can expect some more improvements. But the v6 isn't that bad..and once again good job m9 team. N thank you for upgrading the...!! mobile9...
Good job. But there is some problem there. thumbsup.gif
Many thanx to the team clapping.gif 10.gif
byebye.gif Hello V6,....,great job admins, thanxxx! thumbsup.gif it really ROCKS! punk.gif
v6 is much better than v5 wow.gif

for rockin rockon.gif grouphug.gif

i love v6 clap.gif grouphug.gif
this new mobile9 v6 is very good than previous one, wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
Good Job
yes we can delete comment with the phone,i m using opera 10,put the small window that you move on the complete screen and put this window on the right of the comment,then appear a symbol,select it,and it'll ask you if you want remove....
With opera 5,select on the comment answer,then watch on the right of the comment,it appear too to remove comment.....
Nice work of M9 team clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif
Good Job thumbsup.gif
hi clap.gif
i love it
its very cool but please any one check my problems in m9 and give me solution please
Hi!!!!Good Job!!!!! clap.gif
Good Job grouphug.gif
i like the changes!!!!
QUOTE (Harsha_themusicfreak @ Sep 3 2011, 04:13 PM) *


QUOTE (shouvik5310xm @ Aug 16 2011, 10:34 AM) *
everything in v6 is fine. . .but there are two problems. . .
1. we can't remove comments from mobile.
2. we can't see our older comments from mobile.
as we call it 'mobile9', then these things must be done from mobile too. . .right?

i just join m9

dont know the changes!
same here dude


d'ont know how to participate in contest!!
QUOTE (Harsha_themusicfreak @ Sep 3 2011, 07:13 AM) *

I LOVE THIS V6 FOR ITS FaceBook like Fatures thumbsup.gif smile.gif wink.gif
BUTTTT.......... those app uploads are something i REALLY HATE ABOUT V6!!!! mad.gif rifle.gif COME ON MAN!!! once an app is uploaded ITS COMPLETELY STOLEN!!!!! ITS A PAIN TO LOOK FOR NEW APPS!!! sad.gif
rockon.gif rockon.gif rockon.gif
You have here cool forum - i like it ! wub.gif
I miss the good old days with v5... rolleyes.gif
M9 V6 thumbsup.gif
clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif congrtas guys ... great job...admin team ... clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
I want to add a spoonful of tar in the ointment! The most annoying thing for me as an author in themes is that the number of downloads have dropped dramatically. I download the themes to another site-Onsmart. Before reconstruction Mobile9, number of downloads on Mobile9 was much greater than on Onsmart. The situation has now changed. The number of downloads on Onsmart is 3-5 times higher than on Mobile9. I can explain it only by the fact that the site is inconvenient for users. Before the reconstruction was all clear and accessible. Now even I can not find my downloads. Very annoying white profile. Previously, individual pages were beautiful. Currently, personal pages are boring and insipid! I feel sorry for good old Mobile9! sad.gif
hmmmmmmmmmmm 10.gif
Hi! The problem v6 low download files. The white background of personal pages. And the absence of a button, the online ...
Thanks to you guys to providing us the best Website on Internet

Really m9 v6 is best and Rocking punk.gif rockon.gif 10.gif thumbs_up.gif walkman.gif

help... rules.gif
how to participate in contest...

message me in msn //
Haven't been online for a few months, so my review won't be in-depth. However, I can say, from what I've seen, it's totally awesome!!! clap.gifclap.gif Good job to everyone who made it possible!! 10.gif10.gif
clap.gif i lov v6 ...
yes! them9 v6 is good but,not best cause it have some problems and somethings to add on private message button
i asked many time.but no response for that all i need is! how do i know my friend is online or offline
how to connect with m9 on face book?
mobile9 new version is better than old one...

some once say cannot delete the comments with the help of mobile phone. But i done it using opera mini browser..

any way thanks for the v6... wub.gif
byebye.gif grouphug.gif

"mobile9 new version is better than old one...
some once say cannot delete the comments with the help of mobile phone. But i done it using opera mini browser..
any way thanks for the v6..."

]Are you sure ?
QUOTE (jagaa000 @ Sep 15 2011, 09:49 PM) *
how to connect with m9 on face book?

help me i dont know too
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