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Full Version: Download Process
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Please make the process of download simple by puting icon of download and not all those long process.
The process for searching things is confusing so please bring icon of search on screen.
I am telling this because this is a reputed sight
rutare better if download is like now......there are many reasons
QUOTE (rutare @ Jun 25 2012, 03:06 AM) * better if download is like now......there are many reasons

No is not i cant download from my tablet because of it... 1.gif
New download process is rocking
QUOTE (Leafjohn @ Jul 21 2012, 09:47 PM) *
New download process is rocking

For me its not.... Ive been downloading it for 1 day but it dont work a all....
Previous downloading shows many times error for me but now it never shows.
Looks like a strange situation.. When everyone else is able to download items easily with the current process, it sounds strange that u aren't able to download items with ur tab.. I hope u have tried all the options available to download stuff on m9...
New1 is good...
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