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Full Version: Explanation For Mobile Internet & How To Connect Diff. Mobiles To Pc [updated]
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~!~ What is GPRS internet?

General packet of radio services is the technology of providing Internet packet through Air (wireless) , Service is same as you gets from Dial up or ISDN but medium is differnent. [ Both are public switched data means speed allocated as avialable or shared service not the dedicated]

~!~ What is Edge?

Enhanced development in Global (OR GSM) Evolution is newer
(Newer for india ) technology in providing internet packets
with almost 3 times more speed and stability and three times
low congestion on network provider. You can only get it if your operator has
enabled this service in your area ( tower is EDGE enabled or not ) &
wheather your mobile is EDGE enabled or not ?

~!~ What is 3G?

3G stands for 3rd Generation, Newest wireless technology in india.
It has such enhanced features as high-speed transmission, advanced
multimedia access and global roaming. In short, it allows you to get IP
access while being mobile with your wireless device.In short It has the
advantage over Wi-Fi of not being limited to a few dozen meters

~!~ Whats is the difference in connection to p.c. between Nokia , Sony ericsson and Motorola

1. Nokia uses a Dedicated field for modem named PACKET DATA other than profiles that used by Mobile itself to access internet.
You have to dial *99# from your pc. it will dial whatever APN
you selected in PACKAET data of your Nokia mobile..

2. Sony ericsson have the same Profiles both for mobile and Modem through P.C. . You can dial diff. diff. profiles by dialing that no. from pc.
*99***1# means you are dialing first profile of your mobile
*99***2# means you are dialing second profile , According to you
dialed profile relevent AP would be dialed

3. In motorola First of all you have define in your mobile that USB cable you are using is for DATA To do this goto MENU >> settings >> usb >> n make DATA as default media. After this your mobile will work as a modem now You have to add EXTRA INITIALISATION COMMAND
from your P.C. and it will override evry setting of your mobile and P.C.
( You can use this in any mobile if you are facing problem in connecting)
To add E.I.Command goto Properties of Your Mobile Modem and click on
ADVANCE TAB. Here you can add this E.I. Command


Remember do not alter anything except APN and the APN you'll define
would be dailed irrespective of what you have defined in your mobile.

One more thing i should mention here that the APN you are dailing should be activated for your no. (Contact ur operator to activate that)

~!~ How to setup your mobile modem in P.C.

Most of the latest mobile creat there modem itself , there is no need to
do anything just connect you mobile to cable and it will automatically
install it but remeber Pc. Suit should be installed.

In your computer Goto Control panel >> click on Phone and modem option (If you opened it First time then it will ask for country code enter it 91 or anything and press next) >> Come to MODEM tab >> Cick on ADD tab >>
In new window Select "Dont select my modem i will choose it from list" and press next >> Now choose your mobile company in left window and model in right window ( You can maually point for your drivers from HAVE disk in case you have them ) >> Now choose your Port and press next , Most probably you will get a Xp certificate notice just accept it and you are ready clap.gif

~!~ How to make a connection From your P.C. to mobile modem?

In your computer Goto Control panel >> Network Connections >>
Click on new connection wizard >> A new window will open >>
Click Next on these new window >> Now choose Connect to internet and click Next >> Choose Set up my connection maually and click next >> choose Connect to dialup modem then next >>
Now choose your modem from list ( Choose only mobile modems ) next>>
Now Give it any Name - next >> This the place where you have to mention your dialup no. which is *99# or according to your mobile as i described above (You can change it lator) next >> If you have any username and password (Only for BSNL ) then enter it here else leave it intact >> Congratulations you have created a succesfull connection clap.gif
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Only one mistake at 3G U hv written it meants for India but it is Global smile.gif

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