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Full Version: Who Will Win And Which Will You Get...
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was making a poll guess i dont know haw to do it any more hahahaha laugh.gif

Sony NGP (PSP2)
Nintendo 3DS
Mobile Gaming (iOS, Android and Others)
dont care.... laugh.gif

Sony NGP (PSP2) revealed there secusser and they say its got the power of the PS3 which sounds amazzing but the bad thing for them it wont be out of Japan this year till early next year
and that might hurt them coz the lower power 3DS will be out and doing its JOB to be once agin the no1 handled coming out this March, but in the last year or so Mobile gaming has gone BIG time
with iOS and Android powering some awesome hardwear in the phones and this year we will see even more amazzing games as the screens are getting BIGGER CPU and GPU are going dual core
and quad core and 3D is around the corner as well as LG will be the 1st to have a 3D mobile..

so tell you view and what makes your hands more exited from the lattes and greatest tech... coming out...?

as 4 me i love my iOS gaming have over 150 games on my iphone and must say graphics looks super and only can get better but i am excited and will be getting the 3DS this Mrach
as for the Sony NGP (PSP2) is so powerful imagine the games on it but 1 thing that will make it or brake it is going to be at what price they will sell it...
I was going to open a thread like this :-P
but i must say psp2 takes portable gaming to extreme level graphics are freakin awesome they ignored 3D tech in psp2 which i think is a right choise ;-)
yeah but the price should be around 300$
gotta have one 10.gif
ha ha ha ha....!!!!!
QUOTE (Nilaplayboy @ Jan 9 2013, 07:37 AM) *

nila suggesting you its waste of tym....
i hv done my credit to 950rs bt it doesnt gave me a single penny....
Samsung Galaxy is good, Android rocks
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