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In this thread you can suggest topics for the next ringtone challenges.

  • Only one topic per post BUT that doesn't mean that spamming will be allowed.
  • Please be specific about your suggested theme - give us some examples
  • Other comments/posts aren't allowed
  • It's not necessary to be a RC participant to post your ideas here
  • At each week's voting booth, participants will be able to pick a theme from this thread or post one, like you did so far, straight to the voting booth. RC managers will decide the topic which will be held each week

For any questions please use the chatterbox
Topic: House vs. Hardstyle
Make a remix by using the two music genders, House and HardStyle.
Topic: Then and Now (Evolution)
Make a mix of an artist's old songs with their new songs.
Restrictions: Use only one artist (showing that artist's evolution)
For Example: a mix of Beyonce's old songs (maybe back when she was in Destiny's Child) with her new songs. [mixing "Survivor" by: Destiny's Child with "Sweet Dreams" by: Beyonce, would show her evolution/development as an artist]

hope it makes sense thumbsup.gif
Topic: Movie Mania
Description: Pick songs for your mix from a particular movie. The movie can be Hollwood/Bollywood or any regional/local film. All the songs used in the mix should be original sound tracks from that single movie.
Example: The Twilight Saga-New Moon OST List
Topic: Emotions/In What Mood Are You?
Description: Express your Emotions/Mood through your mix eg. Happy, Sad, Romantic, Angry, etc.
Restrictions : Has to be just one emotion thumbsup.gif
Topic : Abstract Noises
Description : Use or Record any noise/sound around you (for example, your own voice, your neighbor shouting, dog barking, aircraft landing, tyres screeching) and mix them together(one can also use any beat to support these sounds) to make something meaningful.
Topic - Soul music
Description - Click here
Topic : Disney Princess

Topic - hard & slow
make a mix of hard tracks & slow tracks .
Topic: Guitar
Description: Make a remix out of songs that has solo guitar. Solo guitar is a must in mixes.
Topic: Disco Time
Description: Use only Disco songs to make a remix.
Topic: Recovery
Description: Make a remix out of Eminem's new album, Recovery.
Topic: Angels and Demons
Description: Use songs with word angel or demon in the title to make a remix
Topic: Muse (artist)
Description: Make a mix out of Muse's songs...
Topic - trance
Description - make mix out of trance ( only trance )
Topic: Cartoons.

Description: Make a mix out of your favourite cartoon/movie based on that cartoon.

Example: Scooby Doo.
Topic: Original V/S Remix.
Description: Pick any single track of your choice and mix it with any of its remix version(s).
Title: #1 vs. #2
Description: Choose two movies and make mixes out of those movies' theme songs.
Topic - Devotional
Description - make mix out of devotional songs
Topic - Ringtone Challenge DJ
Description - pick your favourite DJ in rc its your choice whom you pick ,you can make mix of only one dj in rc but you have to mix only his uploaded ringtones no remixe tunes
Topic : Drums
Descriptions : mix the parts containg drum sound only
Topic: End Is The Beginning
Description: Its like a game played, the letter by which 1 song ends, next song must start with the same letter & so on..........
Topic: Change My Language
Description: In this week, one wil try some other language song, apart from one's own language & english (in general), to understand is not the main thing, but to match the beats 7 rhythm is target
Topic : Robotic / Futuristic (You Can Use Effects )
Description : Use Songs That Sound Like Warp To The Future More Technical, Electro Etc. Matching The Theme
Topic : DJ Style
Description : Pick a DJ's music & mix with that Dj's track.. Eg. DJ Tiesta , DJ Benny Benassi etc.
Topic : Vowel Letter (A, E, I, O, U)
Description : You have to mix with songs name or Artist name start with Vowel Letter...
Topic - Diss Songs

Description - Now basically diss songs are the songs sung in order to disrespect/get back at somebody who pissed the artist off. I think this will help.

For Example - 2pac vs The notorious B.I.G.
Topic: Cars
Description: Mix any songs with sound effects like honks, tires screeching, racing, accelerator noise, crashing, ambulance siren, police siren, etc. Also make sure the sound effects suit the songs laugh.gif
Topic : Genre Blues
Description: Mix songs with this genre!
Topic: Odd Music
Description: Mix songs with two different, i mean totally different Genres, eg mix Rock with Electro or Rock Vs Electro , blues with hiphop or Blues Vs Hiphop and so on.
Topic - Language
Description - Make mix of Language VS Language , i mean English vs Hindi any language its your choice .
the best: Asking a friend to make their own music
topic - scary
Description : lets make scary mixes.
Topic: complete freedom

Description: you can do what you like, without limitation, any type of music, every artist, whatever you want smile.gif
Classic music with out any vocal

Topic: Book Your Table
Description: It has to b chosen by participant like this:
Table A - Artist Name (For Example: Shakira, Enrique, Britney etc.) Table B - Mood (For Example: Happy, Dancing, Sad etc.)
So, one has to match Table A & B according to one's choice of songs, but atleast 2-3 songs hav to b chosen .... In each Table there will b atleast 10 options
Topic: Inaugural Music
Description: In every memorable event like Olympics, FIFA World Cup etc. we c some inaugural program & music, so here also one will try to make something for that celebration
Topic : Your own Language
Description: Make a Mix with your mother language
Topic : Cartoon VS Movie Songs
Description: Make a Mix out of cartton ( pink panther ) movie songs ( your choice )

remix this song :D

this will RULE!!!! clap.gif
Topic: Moody Melody
Description: Here atleast 3-4 different types of moods have to be mixed in 1 song
Topic - Member
Description - make mix of the fav category of member whom you like most for Ex: i like bratvany she likes electronic , i have to make mix electronic like that :P :
Topic: only one
Description: make mix using only one song (every one must use the same song n mix it)
Topic Boys Vs Girls
Description Make a mix with 1 boy & girl artist songs.. You can also use boys band & girls band... eg. Eminem Vs Rihanna , Linking Park Vs Spice Girls rtc.
Topic : Elvis Presley

Description : Make mix from Elvis's song thumbsup.gif
Topic: Night Club Music
Description: In this mix basically it will be like night club dancing floor music, it may be for ball dance or rock/disco music or even just dancing beats
Topic : Romance Music
Description : Make a Mix with Arabian romantic song, I would like to know A.netters opinion about Arabic songs and this one is my favourite Arabic romantic song.... What about you ?

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Topic: Disney

Description: Make mix with songs that are in any Disney movies. You may pick one or more Disney movies to make you mix with.
Why don't we go with fight music for this time? weightlift.gif laugh.gif
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