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Topic: Halloween

Restriction: Horror Sounds
Topic: Songs Without Music
Description: Make mixes with songs, which don't hav any background music
Topic: U Choose My Movie/Artist
Description: Here, one friend will choose a movie/artist name for another and that person has to make mixes of that movie or artist, like if amdominator bro choses a movie say, terminator 2, I hav to make mixes on that and I'll choose one for him or for other, who will choose for whom, will Christina decides
Topic : Change The World
Description : Use Songs That Show Through Music How We Have Brought A Change In World On The Various Aspects Of Social, Political, Racial Etc
Topic : Zodiac Star

Description : Make mix from song with zodiac star as title or artist/band with zodiac as name .

The twelve zodiac stars are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricon, Aquarius and Pisces.
Topic - Folk
Description - Make mix out of pure folk music
Topic: Computer Games
Description: make mix using music and sound effects of computer games
i''m pretty new at this but how about mix two diferent genres like salsa and rock or reggae and trance, something like that


Description: Make mix of crazy frog's music albums using minimum 3 tracks....

Topic : Piano

Description : Make a mix with Piano sound.. You can use only Piano with background music like drums & bass or use Piano with Vocals.
Topic: Movie Funny Mix
Description: Its not necessary to b musical always, its like placing a few dialogues of movies in such a manner that it sounds funny
Topic: Letters
Description: Make a mix out of songs of artist's, which name/username starts with the same letter as your username(M9 username)
For example: Kewlone can use Katy Perry's, Ke$ha's, Kyle Minogue's, Klaas's (etc...) songs
Topic: Albums
Description: You must pick 1 music album and make a mix out of original tracks from that album
Topic : Instrumental
Description : Make a mix with Instrumental only... You can't use any Voice.
Topic - Band's & songs from 80's
Description - Make a mix out of 80's Bands & songs
For example - a-ha - Take On Me
The Bangles - Manic Monday
Cinderella - Shake Me
Diana Ross - Muscles
Guns N' Roses - Paradise City
Topic: Meditation Music
Description: The mix should be fit for meditation environment and soothing in nature
Topic: Festive Music
Description: The mix is for any kind of festival, like Christmas, Diwali etc.
Topic: Lonliness/ Lost Love/ Broken Heart Music
Description: Just like the topic name says, its a kind of sad & moody mix, either vocal or instrumental, or both may be
Topic: Christmas Time
Description: as the topic suggests make themed Christmas mix
Topic: Dual Artists Letters
Description: Just like the letters week, its almost like that, but here one hav to choose 2 artists, and such that 1st artist's surname starts with one's profile name's 1st letter, But, the 2nd artist's name should start with 1st artist's last letter of surname tongue.gif
Topic: Psytrance
Description: Make a mix using tracks of this music genre
[ Its high tempo,, hypnotic & melodic electronic music ]
You can find more info about this gendre in "wiki"
Example artists: Astrix, 1200 miscograms, Hallucinogen, Infected mushroom [...]
Topic: Ballad (Balled) Music
Description: As the name suggests, its the mix for ballad (balled) dance or for ballad (balled) ambience
Topic: Credit Music
Description: As one may have seen that when a movie ends or anything like that, the names of all the persons who are related to that movie project are displayed, and along with that a background music plays, many a times the theme music of the movie, so this mix should be with those type of tracks only
Topic: "Mixed Language"

Description: Make a mix from any two different languaged songs/tracks. U can use any language for the mix.

Example: Hindi (bollywood) track mixed wid English (Hollywood) track.

Advice: Better to use remixes of original tracks.
Topic: Ramp Music
Description: As in FTV we see that models walk on the ramp and some music keeps on playing in the background, so here also in this mix, one will make mix for the ramp
Topic: "Favourites 2010" or "Hits 2010"

Description: Make a ringtone from ur favourite or hits or most popular songs in 2010 calender year. You can use any song/tracks or any language, but that is released under 2010 year.

Note: Describe the release date with originals.
cool n hot
Topic : Daft Punk
Description : Mix Songs By Daft Punk (Remixed Version Also Allowed)
Topic : Evanescence VS Seether
Description: mix songs by those two singers amy lee and seether
and i believe they have a song together called Broken , participants could use
their songs are rock, example: Evanescence-sweet sacrifice
seether - rise above this
Topic : Retro Part 3

Description : Theme should be choosen from Rc Week 1 to Rc Week 100 ... Mix by using this 100 weeks theme. .
Topic: DJ remix

Dicriptions: select old hip-hop songs and use dj in that as much as[size="6"][/size] u can make it cool or better. punk.gif
topic: Movie Preview
description: make a mix from any movie preview
restrictions ; any movie
Topic : Back To Back 2010
Description : Mix Out Songs That Were Released In The Year 2010. Any Song Will Do.
topic : Top Billboard 100 for the year 2010

description ; make a mix out from the top 100 songs in the Billboard for the year 2010

restriction : a minimum of one song
Topic: Beautiful
Description: Make a mix out of songs that have the word 'Beautiful' in their title.
Joydrop - Beautiful
John Lennon - Beautiful boy
Madonna - Beautiful stranger
INXS - Beautiful girl
Prince - The most beautiful girl in the world
Smashing Pumpkins - Beautiful
U2 - Beautiful day
Azure Ray - Beautiful things can come from the dark
Esthero - Beautiful lie
Emiliana Torrini - Old man and miss beautiful
Mandalay - Beautiful
Queen - It's a beautiful day
Bobby Darin - You must have been a beautiful baby
Harry Connick Jr - The most beautiful girl
June Christy - The bad and the beautiful
Aqualung - Strange and beautiful
Goldfrapp - Beautiful
Moby - Beautiful
Mariah Carey - The beautiful ones
Ray Charles - You are so beautiful
Mandy Moore - Something more beautiful
Lindsay Lohan - A beautiful life
Hanson - Crazy beautiful
Backstreet boys - My beautiful woman
Backstreet boys - What makes you different makes you beautiful
The Rascals - A beautiful morning
Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful disaster
Rufus Wainright - Beautiful child
Ace of Base - Beautiful life
Rosemary Clooney - Beautiful brown eyes
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Restriction: All of the songs 'must' contain the word beautiful in the title.
Topic: Trancecore.
Description: Make a mix combining trance and hardcore techno songs.
topic : pure bass

description : make a mix with distinct bass on it

restriction ; the mix should contain all songs with distinct bass

Topic: "First & Last Word"

Description: Make a ringtone from choose any one song but its compulsory to use first and last word/lyrics of that song in ur mix. You're allow to use other tracks, effects, or parts in ur ringtone.
topic: Lady Gaga

description ; make a mix out from Lady Gaga's songs

restriction : at least a song from her, you can use other songs!
Topic: Remixes collection
Description: Task would be to pick 1 song(any u want to) and make a mix using at least 2 its versions(covers or remixes, original can be used too )
can do a review of music from the 90s byebye.gif
topic: songs from the 60's

description : make a mix out from any song or songs from the 60's

restriction : minimum of 2 songs
Topic: Decades
Description: U should choose any(only1) decade u want [..]40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's [..] ..etc. and make a mix out of its music, i think remixed versions could be allowed too thumbsup.gif
Topic: Madonna smile.gif
topic: relaxing music

description: make a music that makes one relax

restriction: sounds effects suffice
topic :world of Rap

description:it should be a continuous rap of two continuous song

restriction :more than four rap voices songs should not be there
topic: Eminem

description: make a mix from any of Eminem's songs

restrictions; purely eminems songs
Thema: Android

I propose that the topic Android.

-You have to hear a noise of a Androidroboter.

Topic: Country Music nopity.gif
Gothic - Make a mix with Gothic songs whistle.gif evil_2.gif
( 4 example songs by The Cure,Cradle of filth,Evanescence aso)
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