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Full Version: Unlock Iphone Guide
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This guide was found at IPmart forum. This guide is a result of months of constant research in iPhone unlocking. After lots of reading and thinking, I was finally able to piece many smaller guides into this one complete guide.

1. An iPhone, possibly brand new and unactivated.
2. Wi-Fi access.

I've already verified this on two out-of-the-box iPhones. I can't imagine it getting much easier than this...

(If you've already activated your phone, you can skip to step 11.)

Activating your phone:

1. Just after you buy your phone at your local AT&T/Apple Store, walk to the middle of the store and sit down on the floor with your legs out.
2. Open the box, turn on your phone, and slide to reach the emergency dial screen.
3. Enter *#307# and then press call. Don't forget the asterisk (*).
4. Your phone will ring itself. Delete all the numbers at the top, press 0, then call. Now answer the call.
5. Press hold now and your phone will start ringing again.
6. Press Dismiss and your phone will go into the Dialpad screen.
7. Press Contacts from the bottom bar and add a contact. Give it a random name (or no name) and then add new URL "prefs:" (no quotes). Now save the contact and click the URL. This will bring up your Settings menu.
8. Go to General, and change autolock to Never.
9. Now go to Wi-Fi. Choose your network and if you did it right you will see a Wi-Fi signal on top of the iphone.
10. Now press return to call, slide for emergency, press 0, answer the call, press hold, decline the call, and now add another contact, this time with the address "". (As an alternative, you can also try "" which I've heard does the exact same thing.)

Jailbreaking your phone:

11. Click on this URL, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Install AppSnapp".
12. Your phone will take you back to the "Activate iPhone" screen. Wait about a minute, your phone will restart, and you'll find yourself at the homescreen with all your widgets, including Installer.

Unlocking your phone:

13. Press Installer, update it, and then go back in. Go to the Sources tab on the bottom, press edit, then add. As the new source, type in "". Say OK, then press Refresh at the top.
14. Go to the Install tab, then All Packages, and then find and install Community Sources, followed by BSD Subsystem, Open SSH, and finally anySIM 1.1.
15. Exit Installer and run anySIM 1.1. It will warn you that you need to put in your new SIM, but this isn't true. Just leave in the AT&T SIM that came with your phone. Now Slide to Unlock, press the big red button, and wait about 5 minutes for it to finish.
16. Your phone is now activated, jailbroken, and unlocked! Stick in your new SIM and check it out! There's one small problem though - your YouTube is broken.

Fixing YouTube:

17. To fix YouTube, simply install YouTube Activation from Installer.
18. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time, change Set Automatically to off, and make sure the date is right. If it's wrong, make it right.
19. Go make sure YouTube is working.

There you go! How long did that take you? It took me about 10 minutes.

thanks 4 d info bsi bro
Tnx for info
Super cool & fast unlocking dude thumbsup.gif
But definitely i won't sit in the middle of apple store... laugh.gif
Hi,you can unlock your iphone..there are many software available to unlock iphone and my friend unlocked it by remote unlocking..there are many online providers who provide the of my friend got unlocked his iphone from Classicunlocking by remote unlock..and here is the instructions
1. Wait for an email saying your phone has been activated or remotely unlocked.
2. Install the latest version of iTunes.
3. Make sure your Apple iPhone phone software is updated to the latest version
using the iTunes software.
4. Connect your Apple iPhone to iTunes with a NOT ACCEPTED SIM card.
5. Wait until iTunes detects your Apple iPhone.
6. Disconnect your Apple iPhone and reconnect it after 10 seconds.
7. Your Apple iPhone is now unlocked.
and the important thing remote unlocking is available for some country and network providers only so if you are interested you can try from them before that see whether remote unlocking is available for your country and provider..
Nice info, thanks for sharing.
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