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Full Version: Samsung Corby Pro Help
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i just bought a new samsung corby pro. i dont dont know how to unlock it. None of the softwares here are working on it ?

Also which theme format does it support ? The .sis is not working or is it because the phone is lock ?

Also i cant play 3gp videos ???????????? AVI is also not working

Which formats does it support ?

Thanks in advance smile.gif
Same problem here..!!! weightlift.gif
the corby supports mpeg4 files in an .mp4 container. (mpeg4 + aac)
not sure about the 3gp, should work with the typically catastrophical sound
but would certainly not shed a tear if they dropped that lousy format entirely.

update - among the usual, stinking pile of video-converter-spam as cheating not
only at mobile9 but also on google I found a solid list from a serious source finally
Video recording and decoding formats in H.263, H.264, 3GPP and
MPEG4 video formats. The handset also allows video playback that
supports MPEG4, 3GPP and H.263 /H.264 and WMV Video formats.

Complete info on Samsung models
normal it has the capacity of playing 3gp
and games of jad formats
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