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Full Version: Stolen Ringtones
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i take alot of time searching for and recording music for ringtones, after editing the best part i upload them to mobile9 and 2 other sites-i discovered this morning that a member on that site z---e had uploaded several of my ringtones-i know they are tones i created-i did belong to z---e but deleted all my stuff and left as i dont like the way its run. what can i do about people stealing my stuff? i hate z---e and dont want the tones i created on there-i did think of contacting them but i ve done it before and they did nothing about my complaint. i get so sick of people taking my stuff and classing it as their own creation.
what can you do i see so many of my tunes there as well once i just join just 2 talk2 admin team
they did not care what i had 2 say so i deleted my account most of all the Rmx's made in ringtone challenge
are all found there uploaded by members and they say in there uploads its there work lol.. i was mad as
well in the start but i am used 2 it know let them do what they like in there site at least here in M9 you will
be looked after smile.gif thumbsup.gif
I like this work so much , many members here are stolen ringtones , for that we must to tell the admins they can do anything?
OK A lot of people are complaining about stolen stuff, but really, look at your uploads
you don't even write a copyright notice and rather leave the description blank as if its taken for granted.

So what can you do to protect yourself? you can start by editing your files and adding "Copyright © YOURNAME 2009 (or the year you made that specific item)

Secondly you can add license to limit the usage of your files (CreativeCommons license for example - ).

Now mobile9 wouldn't be responsible if another site stole your material (unless it's reversed as in someone posted a copyright material on mobile9) so this is all under your responsibility . you can contact the admins of that site and ask them to remove your material or at least give you credits else you can file DMCA compliant / copyright infringement and terminate that website AND if you need help with that, contact me and good luck
As Hamit says many members are stealing the other members tunes...........and
it is responsibility of everyone to control that and inform the admin team against that
mr g
This age old problem rearing it's head again, what do you expect when uploading to free download websites?

yeah but it's a free uploading and downloading website
and you can't help it !!!!!!!
QUOTE (PG001 @ Sep 18 2009, 06:19 AM) *
yeah but it's a free uploading and downloading website
and you can't help it !!!!!!!

but we can inform the mobile9 director team to reject that files
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