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Added: W205, T707, TM506, Aino, Yari, Naite and X1.
Thanks BB, for the update. thumbsup.gif Reminds me that our gallery need to be updated accordingly too.
Thanks for the update smile.gif but same as 4.01, it still has bugs when previewing themes from older phones sad.gif

4.05 preview

3.32 preview

byebye.gif I recently dowloaded the Sony Ericsson Theme Creator v. 4.05. I clicked on the icon for it in my files and a pop up said *quote(excluding file names) is not a vailid Win32 application.* Well i don't know what to do. I am helpless with computer problems, and if there are any computer whizes who know what to do, or people who have had this problem and found a solution, please reply.
*NOTE- I have downloded this software many times, from various sites, and the official site.*
Hi Letrono, welcome to Mobile9 byebye.gif

This usually happens when the file was not downloaded properly, you have to download it again. smile.gif Download the theme creator from the official site and not from third party sites to ensure the program is authentic and not tampered with.

Here's the download link - SE Theme Creator 4.0.5
Hello Everyone! byebye.gif
I finally got the Sony Ericsson Theme Creator working! Thanks to all the people who gave me support on that! wink.gif
Now that I have it working, and I was wondering if anyone knew anyplace to get correct photo sizes for such things as the status bar, and things that won't allow photo resizing(you need a certain photo size for it to look good and fit). So if anyone knows where I get get better quality photos, and the right sizes to, I would appriciate notworthy.gif this information!
There are resources posted in the Theming Chat forum, check the pinned topics.

Most themers create their own bars using Photoshop.
@Letrono - If you're using the latest theme creator from sony (v.4.0.5) then the image sizes are already displayed at the center of the gray boxes. smile.gif
As for photos or wallpapers, try looking at M9's gallery, you might find something there for your theme, just ask for permission from the uploader byebye.gif
New Theme Creator is available byebye.gif

-->Sony Ericsson Theme Creator 4.07

Nothing much has changed, except for the addition of a color scheme chooser (wizard mode only) thumbdown.gif And still no integrated media player skinning options. bash.gif
Added the W715 and new colour scheme chooser.
Maybe also interesting: Discussion about the Themes Creators new UI.
You know what? I think I actually like it. thumbsup.gif
sleep.gif Sadly, nothing much has changed. Bugs that were pointed out are still there (Aino text colors, K700 previews).
Productivity-wise, It's still very much the same. You still have to shuffle around multiple tabs to edit a single screen. wacko.gif
I might just show these guys how a REAL interface should be done. I'll let you guys know in a few weeks wink.gif
Not much changes, I decided not to update smile.gif I use 4.05 wink.gif
QUOTE (Bishop_Bacon @ Jun 25 2009, 10:51 PM) *
Added: W205, T707, TM506, Aino, Yari, Naite and X1.

Thanks For Informing Us
good thing
wowwww wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif thnx
i think you got tht ...*
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