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Full Version: Do U Delete Your Notifications?
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well tht most of the do tongue.gif i miss Nothing tooo
NopE... smile.gif
Depends on my mood
QUOTE (boxieblue @ Mar 15 2009, 01:10 PM) *
the new notifications feature of M9 is awesome! u get such a nice feeling when u visit the site and find a ton of notifications waiting for you

but what do u do after u have seen them all?
do u delete them all?
or do u let them stay as they are, wishing the list would build up so u can boast of the largest notification list on M9??

I delete them whenever they get ohhhhhhh sooo many laugh.giftongue.gif
But it still depends on my mood haha.gif
I leave them
I delete them

i have to delete, becoz i got tonz of it !
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