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Full Version: Se-themes By Angikati
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Hello surrender.gif here is my first theme in this forum. It's made for TMC Week 218

Here is a small preview for Version 4.5

Welcome to M9, Angi! I hope you will make new friends & enjoy your stay here. grouphug.gif

The Bibombl theme is looking good, very cute. wub.gif Love your softkey & status bar, and also the color combination. thumbsup.gif

I'm sure we will be seeing good stuff from you in the future. Keep this up!
It looks very good thumbsup.gif. Clean, good colours, readable. Good theme thumbsup.gif
wheres the media player version of this theme.?????
Well, had already commented....

Cool theme. Refreshing different !
All said it well...
very good theme, functional and readable thumbsup.gif

my only objection is... it's for TMC 219 tongue.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif j/k

Welcome angikati clap.gif clap.gif grouphug.gif
Hi Angi grouphug.gif

You finally start to post your themes in forum so everyone can see clap.gif

You did it perfect. I like everything, combination of colors, functionality, images on other screens. It looks so cute and clear on the phone clapping.gif clapping.gif 10.gif

When I showed it to my daughter she wanted it on her phone right away :D
clap.gif Thank you friends for the nice comments.

wheres the media player version of this theme.?????

What do you mean? The media Player is in theme.
I have the preview in another thread already uploaded. is this a problem?

when there is a problem, then please explain it to me better, so I also understand the problem can be.

in this forum has not much experience, they can only help me if I make mistakes. cheers.gif cool.gif

@ sedma

it makes me proud of such a large designer like you to be praised. wub.gif

I guess gault just missed the preview for the media player in this thread.

It is always best to show EVERYTHING you have done to a theme.
The screens, the media player, animations, flash menus, ... whatever you have done. Just show it to us. wink.gif

And remember that people, who see your theme in TMC might NOT visit this thread.
So you need to post all the images twice.
Personally, I always copied the final entry in TMC and posted it to my own thread as well.


edit: Very nice theme, by the way wink.gif
QUOTE (Gault @ Jan 28 2009, 07:18 PM) *
wheres the media player version of this theme.?????

You can not do this using the SE Theme creator. The way to add a media screen is unofficial. Thus not every SE theme will have such and most will be the default black screen. Creating a preview of the media skin is also a lot harder as it is not automatically generated. smile.gif
like [Tool] Media Player Skinner ?

anyways the theme is great.
welcome angi...niiice work here clap.gif 10.gif
Here is a new theme

Great color scheme.. ..nice work angi thumbsup.gif
wooow cool and very refreshing themes.. wow.gif
very nice theme
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