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Full Version: Sony Ericsson P1i theme installation help
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hi =) i need some help with my phone ( sony ericsson p1i ) i have downloaded a theme from this site to my computer and i got a UTZ-fil. but now i dont know what to do, iv'e tried to copy it to the phone but the phone cant find it, so im doing it wrong somehow. And i cant find any guides of this, but maby i have missed it and if thats the case im sry, but please help me install it, want this new theme up and running smile.gif
Hello AlbertSpeer! Welcome to grouphug.gif

What do you mean when you say iv'e tried to copy it to the phone but the phone cant find it? unsure.gif

Here is what you can do to install a theme in P1i:

1. Transfer the theme to your Sony Ericsson P1i. You can do this via USB, infrared, or bluetooth
2. In your phone, Open Main menu
3. Open Tools
4. Open File manager
5. Navigate to the themes, and select the transfered theme.

I finished your post, seems that something eat your few last words. smile.gif
ok, thanks for the help m8 =) it works just fine now when i did it right, thanks to you smile.gif notworthy.gif
You are welcome. thumbsup.gif
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