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no need to be afraid no one will get whip.gif ......guess she is sleeping........yay we can spam.gif .....tongue.gif
@ PirateKid

Please go in voting booth and read AGAIN for how many ppl you have to vote!!!!

I' ll let you vote one more time but just for this time! whip.gif

be more carefull next time, ok?
sorries Jas!
i umm kinda got used to voting for just 3 for the past 5 weeks! tongue.gif
will vote again!!
thx for reminding! smile.gif
Its ok for now. Please next time read what i write in voting booth. Sometimes.. even im blonde .. i can write something important tongue.gif
whip.gif <--- this is for you, just for fun, coz i can! tongue.gif laugh.gif
Woah!!! u a blonde?? blink.gif
u totally changed my perspective abt blondes till now then!! angel_not.gif
well mayb u just colored ur hairs tongue.gif
.. coz ur smarter than wat other ppl usually say abt blondes! wow.gif
n abt the whip.gif i had to get it sum day or the other.. no use running away either! surrender.gif
made too many mistakes to go away free! tongue.gif
QUOTE(Piratekid @ May 25 2008, 08:20 AM)
Woah!!! u a blonde?? blink.gif
u totally changed my perspective abt blondes till now then!! angel_not.gif  GOOD WAS ABOUT THE TIME!!! tongue.gif
well mayb u just colored ur hairs tongue.gif  NOPE...STILL DONT HAVE TO DO THAT...BUT SOON laugh.gif  wink.gif
.. coz ur smarter than wat other ppl usually say abt blondes! wow.gif  ILL TAKE THAT AS COMPLIMENT.. BUT IT WONT HELP YOU TO AVOID MY whip.gif
n abt the whip.gif i had to get it sum day or the other.. no use running away either!  surrender.gif
made too many mistakes to go away free! tongue.gif GOOD THING IS THAT YOU R AWARE OF THAT. YOU'LL LEARN IN TIME...AND WITH MY HELP whip.gif

well... next time you enter or vote just read and dont rush tongue.gif thumbsup.gif
Lolz.. Abt time indeed.. even i agree to tat! tongue.gif

n u changing ur hair color?? blink.gif dont u think original is the best! tongue.gif u can actually hoodwink ppl who think they can hoodwink blonde u!! wink.gif

n yes maam.. it was an intended compliment only
n i know i cant talk my way out of ur whip.gif ing! tongue.gif

do bear with me as im a real slow learner!! sad.gif
n yes maam.. will try n take part next week onward.. dont think i will hav enuff free time to do tat!
books r gonna rule my next 2 months.. almost! tongue.gif
OK any 1 want 2 have a spam fight with me? wow.gif tongue.gif
or you are all 2 scared from technokid flex.gif whistle.gif
thre's a saying not to mess around wid d strong ....and fight wid the spam.gif messing around wid spam.gif king.... notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif tongue.gif
thats right bro dont mess around with me coz i am so weightlift.gif showoff.gif flex.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
i knw so no.......tongue.gif
what you say about me i am the king of MOS laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
you are lucky you said that coz i would vampire.gif bite you laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
c tht is wht it is ....i dare not speak in front of the king ...."HAIL 'O' HAIL GREAT KING" notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif ......i dun wanna get bit......tongue.gif
i didnt know we had Dracula in MOS too?? blink.gif
wow!!.. an honor to meet the legendary Dracula! wow.gif
we cud compare u to the other blood suckers! tongue.gif
i know 1.. its called Mosquito! angel_not.gif
who is going 2 be my 1st victim? laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif

user posted image
QUOTE(melmex59 @ May 27 2008, 12:20 AM)
  my sister jasmina , princess  of the angels  wub.gif  thumbsup.gif
melmex bro smile.gif my bro melih has a heart of an angel wub.gif

QUOTE(pantoflica @ May 27 2008, 05:40 AM)

And of course I love both of my cute bro's - Melih and Goran! 

user posted image This is for both of you!

whip.gif technokid stop spam.gif ing my topic!  tongue.gif

so sweet of you my sweet ♥sis♥!!! wub.gif thumbsup.gif

oops.gif and 4 the spamming sorry i thought i was in the Official RC spamming topic laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
Lolz!!.. as far as i can see...
ur my role model in spam.gif ming now! tongue.gif
awesome.. gr8 goin bro! thumbsup.gif
haw sweet of you bro wub.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif thumbsup.gif
hehe!!,.... me honored! notworthy.gif
well finally my editing my ringtone worked!! tongue.gif
yays!! clap.gif
so how was ur day ???
any spam.gif mers around???
spam.gif spam.gif spam.gif
ye bro technokid is here 4 the moment clap.gif haw are you bro?
hey techno bro clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif .....!!! "HAIL 'O' HAIL"the KING SPAMMER notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif inspiration to ppl like me......tongue.gif
hi ash bro byebye.gif whats cooking? laugh.gif tongue.gif haha.gif
lolz Homie.. Techno is my Inspiration!! chair.gif
so ur next in line!! devil2.gif
n sorries Techno bro.. had to leave sooner then!!
n ash cooks all the time !!
u wud know when u smell burnt food wit black smoke!
just kiddin.. he is a gr8 cook!! notworthy.gif
we r living n alive coz of him!! wink.gif
hey techno bro clap.gif clap.gif .....well nuthn much ....its exam time but frankly speakin ....,din't start preparin yet.....lolz....n yeah thnx homie for ya sweet wrds wub.gif....btw was tht a compliment when u tld burnt food n smoke....... rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif
user posted image OK what is going on in here while im not around??

i am building a army 2 take on that whip.gif pantoflica laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
ash143 the name of the great king"TECHNO KID" notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif ..... iam ready weightlift.gif weightlift.gif weightlift.gif weightlift.gif for the war........tongue.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif rifle.gif
Lolz.. Sumthin sure cooks up all the time when u hav genius cooks like Techno bro n Ash around.. wacko.gif
u never know wat they might cook up together! tongue.gif

n lolz.. A War?? wow.gif
well u need to file legal documentation to proceed wit tat.. get autheticated signs of required officers..
n all the best wit tat! :wink:
whip.gif hey guys dont forget i can delete all ur posts tongue.gif
user posted image let me see who wants war with me?
mmmm not me i dont want that whip.gif it was ash's idea he forced me laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
War wit Jas?? blink.gif
i might b crazy.. but not tat crazy!! surrender.gif

all the best homie!!
a few too many whip.gif s r on ur way!! tongue.gif
haha.gif Smart decision, Imu! tongue.gif
techno idea whistle.gif ohmy.gif:o:o:o........war ???wht war???no war no war......i tld tht i saw the movie war...."jet li n jason statham".......
lolz homie!!
bad way to get out of trouble! tongue.gif
tat reason will get u whip.gif ped! tongue.gif
so b careful will u!!

@ Jas
thank u soo much for being ever merciful on poor me! notworthy.gif or i might hav ended up stretcher.gif
so bad idea to mess up wit the whip.gif queen! chair.gif
looks like hav to come up wid a new idea but fast....before i get whip.gif........
ny spam.gif mers????
all the best wit the brainstorms homie! lightbulb.gif
n here is 1 potential spam.gif mer !!
spam.gif spam.gif spam.gif spam.gif
yes indeed man........and congrats heard ur into THE M'os..... clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
ROfl!!.. almost!! tongue.gif
i still got 58 more post to go
to officially b in MOS!! wink.gif
hope i make it b4 exams!!
my votes are in thumbsup.gif

GLTA smile.gif
58 not a big deal for u.......and thnx antonis bro.....n yeah gud luck everyone........
My Votes r in too!!
GLTA!! tongue.gif

n Ash.. 58 is quite a lot
tongue.gif i need to do sum serious spamming for tat! wink.gif
u'll be on it.....i knw tht....... clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
hehe.. it takes time bro!! tongue.gif
takes time..

n where the hell r every1 else?? blink.gif
no spam.gif mers around?? blink.gif

weird.. totally!!
well dunno abt othrs but im here.......tongue.gif....,yes whre r other???techno bro "the king"and no whip.gif"queen".....whre r every one????
Hi!!!!! Just dropping by to spam with my new computer!!!! I love this thing!!!!! 10.gif byebye.gif
New Computer!!! wow.gif
temme temme.. how is it??
the config??
im a total freak for Gadgets!! tongue.gif
n gratz for the new PC buddy!! thumbsup.gif

@ Ash
guess they r all busy busy!! tongue.gif
will hear frm the Techno king n whip.gif queen soon enuff!! wink.gif
QUOTE(Sport-O @ Jun 1 2008, 01:55 PM)
Hi!!!!!  Just dropping by to spam with my new computer!!!!    I love this thing!!!!! 10.gif  byebye.gif

nice to see you to for your new computer , sporto bro thumbsup.gif 10.gif clap.gif
new computer wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif it an IBM???
Here is a link to the page it is shown on:

My New Computer---HP Pavilion a6433w

I love the 22" L.C.D. screen. I might just never leave the house again. LOLZ

Here is a link that has a picture of it:

My Computer Picture
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