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Forums Division no more

The 6th Hazard Blue team in charge of forum assistance and support has been disbanded. Former team leader, boxieblue had this to say,
QUOTE(boxieblue @ Nov 15 2007, 09:48 AM)
CONCLUSION- at the moment, we don't really need the "forums division". first, we need to think out the function of that division very properly. only then should we appoint members for that post.i don't know if it is possible, but the Head could be allowed to look after the threads, and he should decide which threads should be pinned/unpinned/archieved etc[right][snapback]436380[/snapback][/right]

We should start to segment HB members to better classifications.

BoxieBlue promoted

Congratulations to BoxieBlue for his promotion to assistant leader. He has gained the ability to moderate the subforum and will be working on updating important threads.

Anyone who has questions, suggestions or anything else related to the subforum can contact BoxieBlue if I'm away.

Famed Members return from absence

In the last 2 days, we were all stunned to see the return of two of HB's oldest members, the honorable pyro_flare and Night-Rider return to the scene.

To top that up, assistant leader boxieblue is back in action and working hard on ensuring things are back on track.

Even if they still are binded by tasks and responsibilities in the real world, its great to see them well and going.

Raise yer cups for these great people cheers.gif
NahSoR Returns!

Just awhile back, we've seen senior members come back after a long absence from the forums, specifically HB. Today we are happy to see the return of the oldest member and one of the very founders of HB.

NahSoR had this to say,
QUOTE(NahSoR @ May 24 2008, 02:23 PM)

Hey guys!! You probably have forgotten me by now but i was a part of this group....I see there are many new faces here smile.gif

HB has grown a lot! Can anyone get me upto speed with major news around here plese?? smile.gif

btw, I think i'll be back for good from now on, smile.gif 'cause all of my exams are finally over smile.gif and i have around 2 mnoths of holidays (If i dont get into a particular university whcih is starting earlier)



Great to see you back mate cheers.gif
WPC-HB Integrated

The Wallpaper Competition and Hazard Blue forums have now been integrated. WPC participants can freely post in the HB threads. All WPC participants automatically become honorary members of HB.

This leads to a lot of rule changes, which will be reflected in the Rules thread. As of this announcement, HB has zero permanent members, apart from the lead team of Anthrax, AzureSepiroth and me. As the current WPC manager, sp0rskiller03 will also become involved in HB moderation.

Details outlining the membership requirements will be provided soon in a separate membership thread.
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