I've looked around, and can't find anything definitive on this subject.

I have a Motorola SLVR L7c that I purchased from MetroPCS here in California. It can play MP3's so I bought a data cable, 1GB memory card and a small adapter (MiniUSB to 3.5) so I could use a headset.

I went out last night and bought a pair of headphones to use with my phone while I was at work. To my surprise however I got NO sound at all through the headphones. My first reaction was "CRAP! The headphones don't work!" Then I started searching around and reading forum posts. I came up with two things:

1. The small adapters (such as mine) only work when ran from the phone, into a set of electrically powered speakers... THEN (speakers supporting of course) from their 3.5mm jack into the headphones.

2. From the phone into a tapedeck adapter (like for other MP3 players i.e. iPods) which is then placed into any ordinary tapedeck.

Like I said, those are the only two definite things I could come up with. I also heard of a couple people buying certain types of BlueTooth headsets that worked, although none of them ever posted their brands and/or part numbers. Then I was reading of some types of "Motorola" and generic brand adapters that were getting this to work as well. Again, with no posts of brands/part numbers.

Does anyone else have this phone (or any SLVR for that matter) on which that have gotten wired/unwired headphones alone to work?

Motorola SLVR L7c
S/W Version: 24.0_00.26.0F

Thanks in advance.