First of all,I want to thank all m9ers for their continuing contribution to our video gallery(which is HERE ) smile.gif clapping.gif

When you decide to upload a video,you need to know that there are some rules and preferences that have to be met in order for your video to be aproved and published in the gallery.Rules,rules,boring rules..we all don`t like them,but can`t live without them smile.gif

Rules are: adult(explicit sex scenes,nudity,etc.)videos violent videos files with racial and/or nation based insult names or content
4.only parts of copyrighted material can be published so please don`t upload full lenght copyrighted stuff,it will be rejected for sure.if you are wondering what is the allowed size,here are the numbers:
-music videos has to be under one minute
-all other copyrighted materials has to be under 60% of the original file sure to put files in the right folders
6.files with bad sound and/or video quality won`t be aproved
7.check before uploading if that file is already in the gallery
8.please try not to upload huuuuge files,cause m9 is mainly a mobile phones oriented site(this is not a rule,it`s an advice and a plea smile.gif )
9.before uploading,check if the video play ok on your phone
10.check file format-for example file.3GP can`t be downloaded from site.Right format is file.3gp
11.try to keep the video size to no more than 176x144,so that the videos can be played on all phones.

If u have any question regarding this,or you need any help,feel free to pm me,or leave me a shout in my m9 homesite smile.gif

Once again-THANK YOU ALL!
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