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Hello ,

I'm looking for a tigger theme but can't find any from the download section.

I have this link for a picture I liked of tigger

If some one has a spare time and can create one for me, and for other tigger funs with S60 3rd edition nokias of course, i would appreciate it very much.

I would prefer something in orange and black colours like Tigger is.

If someone has a bouncing Tigger picture please post it. I searched everywhere for a better one.

Thank you notworthy.gif

ok then,i accept your request
would be great if someone can make it, my girlfriend received her N73 today and tigger is her favorite.
well happy birthday,so i'll try to get it ready by tomorrow as it's her birthday smile.gif .
@verkoume & dannypsv3821,

the theme is ready and it will be posted to the n73 theme section within 24 hours.when it gets posted i'll give you the link to it.

and most of all,i need your general and specific opinions on this theme. smile.gif
oke, I´ll let you know my opinion as soon as I put it on my girlfriends N73.

thanks mate
the theme got uploaded,click here


thanks for the theme. It's excellent. Just like I wanted it 10.gif

I noticed though that when i'm in the menu the top bar where the Menu name is shown and the battery bar....its blue. Shouldn't be orange or a color to match the rest of the theme?
There r some blue stuff too that really to match the rest of theme. E.g Bluetooth menu.( haven't checked the others)
well verkaume,i check that out.
i want u to know that i couldn't test the theme cuz i don't own a 3rd platform phone,but don't worry,fixing the prob is possible.
ok thanks.

tell me when it's fixed do download it again and try it out.

btw, where did u find the photos for the theme? i really liked them.
simply by using google image
I noticed something else that it needs to be fixed.
Under the strength bar for battery and signal the icons for battery and signal r white and u can't see them with the background. also the date which is at the same level its white and cannot be read.

when u write a message or when u read a message it's really hard to read the text. maybe there u could put like a c-through background where the text is.

edit: the volume bars while making a call it's also blue
Thanks for the theme, my girlfriend is very happy with it.
and the points that are mentioned here, about the text is hard to read with for example a sms is also what she said to me.
I think that the picture used as background in the menu and sms should be lighter, or see trough.

But she´s happy with the main background.

thanks, and hope yuo´ll fix it if possible.

I don´t know if it is a lot of work, gonna make a theme soon of my own tattoo and one of my favorite football team, which isn´t made allready here on mobile9, but I haven´t got any experience, so it would be if I have a lot of time.
i fixed some stuff in the theme here's the link:
click me

the preview file is the same like the old one but don't worry,the probs have been fixed.
tell me if everything is okay and sorry for any inconvinience

the white letter on the front screen r ok.
But the blue menu stuff that i mentioned r still there.

Also the messaging problem also.
ok i'll ask u some questions,

the messaging,on what is the message displayed on,the menu background or on something else?

the blue stuff,are the battery and signal indicators still blue?

the signal and battery icons along with the date,are they now seen clearly?

plz accept my apology,i know that getting your theme as u ordered is gonna take a while.
if u could post screenshots of the theme when present in your phone,it would help alot smile.gif
The messaging has the Tigger background with the trees. And because of their black color it's difficult to see what to type or to read a message. I'm not sure if u change the font color it would be ok.

The battery signal and icon r fine. They r seen clearly.

The blue stuff i'm mentioning is in the menu. When u go the menu between the signals there is a bar which says the menu names (Settings, Applications etc) That bar is in blue. And on selections like the selection for turning on and off the bluetooth is blue. Also the tabs r blue.
See Pictures.

Top Menu Bar
user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image

user posted image
try it now


Now its perfect!!! 10.gif clap.gif
My girlfriend is very happy with the adjustments you made and now also thinks it´s perfect.

she would like to thank you very much for taking the time to make a theme and making it perfect.

thanks mate
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