QUOTE(mr g @ Dec 9 2006, 01:40 PM)
1. Read all before procedure

1. Symbian 9.1 supports and uses TTF and Openface TTF fonts!
2. Make folder on mem card as follows: [mem-card]:Resource/Fonts
3. Pick TTF font and rename apropriate files as described below
4. Copy these to newly created folder
5. You can use any TTF in this purpose
6. Recomended is usage of hi-quality fonts which support full range of code pages
7. Original fonts are stored in Z: drive
8. Fonts:
nosnr60.ttf = Nokia Sans S60 Regular
nssb60.ttf = Nokia Sans S60 SemiBold
nstsb60.ttf = Nokia Sans S60 TitleSmBd S60

Another one exists but not important:

S60ZDIGI.ttf = Series 60 ZDigi / this one is just LCD digits 0-9 plus .:,;*?
9. Reboot phone
10. Enjoy!!!!!!!

1. Use card reader to acces your memory card
2. Remove files
3. Put your card back to phone
4. Reboot phone