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Full Version: How To Change The Resolution Of Java Games/apps
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One of the few problems with having a phone with a nice big display is that many games do not display full screen. No problem! It's an easy fix that anyone can do and you'll be running full screen games on your phone in no time.

Note: This will work about 95% of the time on S60 3rd edition phone models. I have not tested it on other models but feel free. This will not work on phones with a landscape screen (E series). This will work with any MIDlet by the way, not just games.


1. Using an archiver such as WinRAR, open the jar file.

user posted image

2. Once you have opened the jar, you will see a folder called 'META-INF'. Open this folder.

user posted image

3. In the META-INF folder there will be one file called 'MANIFEST.MF'. Drag this file onto your desktop and open it in notepad.

user posted image

4. Now you must know 2 things to edit the file. First, you must know the original resolution of the game. Ususally this information can be found on the author's website. Second, you must know the resolution of your screen. Then type the following two lines at the end of the text in the MANIFEST.MF file:

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: www,xxx
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: yyy,zzz

In the example above 'www,xxx' represents the original resolution of the game. 'yyy,zzz' represents the resolution of your phone's display.

In the picture example below, the original game resolution is 176x208 and the target resolution of my screen (N80) is 352x416.

user posted image

5. Now save the changes in the MANIFEST.MF file and drag it back into the META-INF folder in your jar file to overwrite the old one.

user posted image

6. That's it! Now install the jar to your phone and enjoy your full screen game...


EDIT: Btw, full credit goes to skopi (from another forum) for posting this info. clapping.gif I just tried to make it a little easier for everyone by posting my own guide including pics.
Nice one. thumbsup.gif
nice work EZ thumbsup.gif
crybaby.gif BombJack fullscreen n80 = Slow as hell. crybaby.gif
Yes, it definately affects the speed of some games, especially on the slow processor of our poor N80s... sad.gif

Best to close all other apps before playing relatively graphics-heavy games. At least then there's a chance! wink.gif
Great clapping.gif
great tip seen a lot of posts asking how to change screen size now we have some were to point the to nice one EchoZulu
I have just read the whole guide. The only problem that I have is the original screen resolution. I'am trying to find the screen resolution on the websites of the authors of some games (like townsmen) and i cannot seem to find the original screen resolution of those games. Is there any compendium or list of game screen resolutions that is already existing?
Just give it a try. You can guess pretty accurately in most cases.

For example, if you have an N80 (352x416) and you open a game that only takes up a tiny corner of the screen, then it's probably 176x220. If it takes up a larger portion of the screen but not all, then it's probably 240x320. Etc...
alright... ill try guessing... smile.gif... but what are the most common screen resolutions for mobile games?
thanks ocho and scopi that definetly helped me

QUOTE(goronking @ Mar 7 2007, 01:13 PM)
thanks ocho and scopi that definetly helped me


What if i want to go smaller? I have a Small screen and games are way to big.
You can't. Read a lot about it.
Hi Man...I'm seriously a descile of ur's if u can solve my problem...
I have Nokia N91...and i cant get the sound played in any of the .JAR game i play...I have the 8GB version whereas my Bro has a 4 GB version who plays all these games with the music on.

The game asks me to turn on the Sound and SFX but even after accepting the doesnt make any difference...
Cool this helps me as I'm used to how Sony Ericsson's can resize an java ap, I tried to find an option in phone on my 5500, but of course found nothing, so its nice to know there is a way to do this, thanks.

Well I've just tried this out and it works great for my 5500, I did use 7-Zip though, cause its free, but it still worked fine, again thanks for the thread.
dude i am not able to do it. after making changes when i click save then the pc shows that it cannot creat and make sure the path and filename is correct. pls pls help me dude surrender.gif
this method works only for nokia...
can u plz tell me how to resize java games for sony ericsson...
would be very grateful
can u plz tell me how to resize java games for sony ericsson...

Not possible, just have to find a game for your resolution.
Thanks for guide.
i tryed doing exactly as instructed but it doesnt work the game just doesnt open sad.gif
What game? What phone? What's the original resolution? What's the target resolution?

hi EZ, your tutorial il really helpful, but can you help me?
i have a nokia 6151, I just downloaded some games from this site but they're displayed all too big.
I tried to guess some original resolutions but it doesn't work. how can I do to target the resolution to 128x160?
Hey Eindhar smile.gif

Unfortunately I haven't seen anyone successfully reduce the resolution of a game - only increase it.
d'oh! wallbash.gif
this game

Nokia 6288

176 x 220 original

240 x 320 target resolution
Darn, I have a nokia 6600 and I'm trying to run Monopoly tycoon. As in width, it is perfect, but for height, it is missing by about 1 third.

Any idea if this would help, and if yes, what are the dimensions for both the 6600 and an estimation for the game, Monopoly Tycoon =\

Thankee weightlift.gif notworthy.gif weightlift.gif notworthy.gif weightlift.gif
Hi guys, i have a problem with my Nokia N73. Maybe it isn´t such a big problem, but i don´t know, how to install the mobile Java games on my mobile phone.

Can you please help me a give me a instruction?

Just send the JAR file to your phone with Application Installer (included in PC Suite). smile.gif
Hey Echozulu .....u said that the iriginal resolution of the game is there on author's site...... but the download page never shows the original resolution of the game. For example check out this site
Now where is the original resolution written? there any way to know it? Please respond.
176x220 read comments smile.gif
You can also always google the game title to determine the author. thumbsup.gif
doesnt work on n70 1.gif
thanks for your help this is really a life saver

SKITSOfranic Out
just testing iconjavascript:emoticon(':gathering:')
It doesn't work with Nokia 3110.

Here is my file:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
MIDlet-Name: Dictionary EN-BG
MIDlet-Icon: /icons/icon.png
MIDlet-Vendor: Tomasz Iwanow
MIDlet-1: Dictionary EN-BG, /icons/icon.png, dictionary.Dict
MIDlet-Version: 1.1
MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-1.0
MIDlet-Description: English - Bulgarian Dictionary
Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 128,160

Any idea ?
Hello i have a question...
i have a Nokia 6234 and when i start Elven Chronicles, is the game just in the upper left corner.
user posted image
I Tried this:
Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208 / 176,220
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 240,320
but its still in the upper left corner. (Maybe my Nokia is not 240x320 ? tongue.gif)
Does somebody know the original size of Elven Chronicles? its a very nice game =D
sorry for my bad english...
tanks thats very nice for n90
i tried it and it did not work on my nokia 5500. can anyone help me?
Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for my S40 series Nokia 6085. I didn't really expect it to but it still sucks that I can't resize games ;(
niceeeee, it really helped me with my phone (240x320) resolution...

lots of thanks.... clap.gif
can i know how to change manifest for phone o2 atom exec??? what's it's resolution n midlets??
well i tried to do this trick for brian lara cricket 2007 in nokia 5200 it doesnt work

my resolution is 128*160

i changed to it but still its remains in the older resolution
any one tell me wat to do .
i want bl cricket in my phone
thanks alot! im going to try this
hi... i own a Nokia 5300.

i try to resize using that method, yet... de game size still remain as before...

it din't change.

how??? please help...

hello im new in this forum juz want to say this is a good info for me as i have been using the small screen to play the game.

thank you very much
It doesn't work for my 3110 classic ... please help
do you have instructions on changing resolution of java games for sony ericsson?thanks
Ummm...sorry...but i use Windows Xp Professional and after i drag it to the desktop, i click it...and it says 'windows cannot recognize this file'... what do i do?

EDIT : Oh, yeah...this doesn't work with Sony Ericsson phones rite?

Sir EchoZulu, i have read your topic How To Change The Resolution Of Java Gamesapps, For Nokias Can i change
the resolution of java games for Motorola??
QUOTE(EchoZulu @ Jul 13 2007, 06:55 PM)
What game?  What phone? What's the original resolution?  What's the target resolution?


Hi, what if i want to change the resolution from 240x320(my nokia 6265) to a krzr' screen? what's the resolution on that one??.
Can i do it?
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