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Hy all this section is for tut and all learning thing.
we make this thread bigger and bigger
here is first link for special effect tut
add this ones


How much time to read all this tut byebye.gif
add this ones

well, I guess it's easier to add mohammeds to your list tongue.gif thaks man.... and great mohammed that you have created this thread... unfortunately I'm using psp tongue.gif
Hey this is great!!
Mo- Good site, I like the casino royale tut

Pat- OMG!!! You've been busy
QUOTE(thomas_sweden @ Nov 27 2006, 09:43 PM)
add this ones

well, I guess it's easier to add mohammeds to your list tongue.gif thaks man.... and great mohammed that you have created this thread... unfortunately I'm using psp tongue.gif

@thomas ok here is psp link


I was lookin for tuts, Gud one Pat!
I use gimp lol!
Does anyone know any good tuts? All the ones I find seem to be text effects
try change software instead laugh.gif great mohammed thumbsup.gif
QUOTE(bj1605 @ Nov 28 2006, 10:34 PM)
I use gimp lol!
Does anyone know any good tuts? All the ones I find seem to be text effects
@bj:-i do not find many but here are few
which are good and more link on respective pages

Nice one their quite useful and the site isn't bad
Now here the top 17 software list according to there rank in market.
its helps you

(Gold) Photoshop Elements
(Bronze)Digital Image Suite
#4 Paint Shop Pro
#5 PhotoStudio
#6 FotoFinish Studio
#7 PhotoPlus
#8 PhotoSuite
#9 Photo Explosion
#10 Picture It!
#11 PhotoImpression
#12 ACDSee
#13 Brilliant Photo
#14 Picasa
#15 PhotoLightning
#16 ThumbsPlus
#17 Corel Photobook
#18 MidasPhoto

wait, these are tutorials for photoshop? or various softwares? smile.gif i'm looking for photoshop tutorials. found quite a few in deviantart...
some are for psp and some are for ps tongue.gif the one pat sended is ps smile.gif
Wooooooooooooooow!!! I like it! wow.gif
Thank you guys! Something already knew, but more of thats is very interesting.
Hy here is some more useful informatiop who are searching for free image editing animation 3d modelling software.

Here is some image editing software:-
and secondly fore those who want image editor free.
Here is the best image editor which is free.

(1) IF you are looking for alternative to adobe illustrator and corel draw.chances are you will find it in INKSPACE.
It comes for windows Linux Mac OSX and setting it up any of them is no brainer.

Overall, Inkspace is light,easy to learn and undoubted essential>if you want to create SVG imageFor your website.


(2)Now second free editor is DIA
The opensourc free alternative to popular flow chart tool visio.Dia is a simple toll to create flowchartin a quick and painless manner
It lets you create various shapes,connect them to flow chart and even create custom shapes.


(3)Now third free image editor is Sodipodi
The inexplicably named Sodipodi is another alternative for vector illustration,and apart from the way it look is muchlike inkspace
infact it is the spin off of sodipodi project.its primarily graphic format is SVG.

(4)Now forth free image editor is GIMP

As you know about gimp bj but here is few thing you dont know i think

The GIMP,or GNU image manipulation programme was first realeased by two berkeley student in 1996
it has evolved in powerful little programme: The latest build is GIMP2.0.has completly revamped his look

Note about GIMP:-The GIMP require the GTK 2 (GIMP)Toolkit and runtime enviorment to run.Also
when uninstalling the gimp , remove the gimp before runtime enviorment. Other wise your system
will always assume that the GIMP is default programme for all image.
Animation free software.
i say very much about image editor whats about animation free editor!
So here is some which is free !!!!!


Increasing frustration overlackof flash authoring tool for linux

and this software help you


I think it is the best free anmation software on the planet. you know why read below:--

Once an in house solution for professional
2D animators Synfigwent open source when Vorias studio,Its parent companywent bankrupt
While they were in buisness however they manage to churn out compelling looking work
so the release of the tool to the public was aconsiderebly good idea.


KTOON was createdby Columbian animators Toonka production to spark off an interest in animation
in youth of latin america.The product is in beta but its already recieved few appreciate nods
As of right now it is for linux windows version coming soon.
3D animation--
We talk about sound image animation whats about 3d graphics free!!!!!!!!111
it is also free


Few free tools have evermade such a mark as blender and for a good reason .
Blender is a excellent 3D modeling and editing programme
You can get blender for both linux and windows both version are bug free

(2)Wing 3d

Wing 3d is for creating 3d models and doesnt pretende to do some thing more


It may be for you thomas

Everwanted to build your own pirate ship but were too lazy to get started!
Freeships comes to rescue built specifically to let you desighn and modify ship hulls

Free!ship comes anexecutable for the windows plateform but work just as well
wine in linux.

last but not least Povray (the persistence of vision raytracer)is essentially a programme
for raytracing 3d scene rather than modelling them while it is open source in thats you
are free to download and modify the source code.
inconsequential triva:--povray was the first raytracer in space -billioner mark shuttleworth
used it torendern an image during his trip to International space station.
INTERESTING thing about vista

Vista use your Pan drive USB drive as a ram!!!!
to increase your ram.

The crack of window vista is so large that it occupy one CD
great information MI thumbsup.gif
hey MI, got a really good resources.. thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
i got my adobe ps for free.. I did not bought it.. as what thomas said, you can always get one even if it's not legal..happy.gif laugh.gif
Wow mo good work! I did know that you need gtk otherwise I wouldnt be able to use it. I have blender but it is very confusing! Povray is cool too but I somehow lost it.

Free ps you say kerohl? OO
Here it come update of resources

Adobe launches new series of cs 3 here is the following thing i see recently!

appearnce of photoshop.

user posted image
different icons in photoshop
user posted image

new feature is cs3 (Highlighted)

file menu

user posted image

new feature in edit menu

user posted image

new features in layer menu

user posted image

new features in window menu

user posted image

more thing i notice more space for styles menu

user posted image

new structure of right hand side assembly

code of assembly

new workspace tab
user posted image

new option in perfomance menu

user posted image

Toolbar of photoshop cs3

user posted image

adobe device central look it is coolest appearence in adobe pakage
user posted image

pop up of device central

user posted image
the important thing why photoshop make it latest creation easily crackable
i only know thats it is crack only by deleating one file.i dont say here.

for download visit adob site

Wow looks good!
Hy to all new update
Adobe cs4 beta release
user posted image
For more nfrormation search on blog or i download it then i will post priew.
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