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Full Version: Setup Your Bluetooth Mobile As A Modem
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start the connection wizard

user posted image
Click on connect to the internet

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select Dial-up connection

select bluetooth modem
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know name the connection
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enter is the phone number of your internet provider. When you use GPRS, you generally have to enter *99# to make your phone call the GPRS connection.If you use a dialin-connection to your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
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click any you like
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your now finished with creating the connection
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enable bluetooth on both devices, and activate the modem connection from the start menu
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enter your username and password
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How does it cost?
izzint expensive?
thankx dude iam new in this forum
your welcome and welcome to m9
thanks for these useful tips
?anyone know to do this with a mac
Turn Bluetooth On and make it "Visible" on the Treo smartphone:

1. On your smartphone, go to Applications .
2. Open the Bluetooth application.
3. Turn Bluetooth On, select Visibility as Visible.
4. Go back to Applications .
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On your Mac:

Open System Preferences.

Select Bluetooth.
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Select the Devices Tab.

Choose Set Up New Device.

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The Bluetooth Setup Assistant screen appears. Select Continue.
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On the "Select Device Type" screen, choose Mobile phone. Then select Continue.
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Your Mac will begin searching for visible Bluetooth devices within range. First, their addresses will appear (e.g. 00-07-e7-00-b5-00). Then the Bluetooth name will appear (e.g. shoutout).

When the name of your smartphone appears, select it and then select Continue.

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Your Mac will generate a Passkey to pair with your smartphone.
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Once the passkey appears in the Setup Assistant on your Mac, a Bluetooth Security dialog should appear on your smartphone.

Enter the Passkey on your smartphone and press OK

Go back to your Mac.

Ensure the option for Access the Internet with your phone’s connection is selected. Then select Continue.
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On the next screen, select these options:

* Username: leave blank
* Password: leave blank
* Phone Number: #777
* Modem Script:Select "Sprint PCS Vision" or "Verizon Support (PC 5220)" depending on your mobile service provider.

Select Continue
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The Congratulations screen will appear. You are now ready to use your smartphone as a Bluetooth DUN modem.
To connect to the Internet using Bluetooth DUN

On your Mac, open Internet Connect:
Macintosh HD : Applications : Internet Connect

Select the Bluetooth or USB Bluetooth Modem Adapter tab. Then select Connect.

Your Mac will connect with your smartphone. Now you can do email and surf the web on your Mac, using your smartphone as a wireless modem.
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Note: When you are ready to disconnect, choose Disconnect on the Macintosh "Internet Connect" screen
how much does it cost ? must be expensive ?
the cost depends upon the service provider
cost varies from operator to operator.

in india its not free , in uk its free , in us i beleive its chargable....

and this modem option is allways there ...
For Us GSM users try Here

OS X only, sorry windows not supported
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