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Full Version: Nokia Firmware Update
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Update your Nokia's Firmware

Step One:

Check this useful site to see if there is an update available for your model, then check the official Nokia site to see if it has been released.
Check for Latest Firmware

Step Two:

Official Nokia Site

Browse this list of frequently asked questions before you download or if you have trouble installing Nokia phone software updates:

Frequently Asked Questions
go to n click 'support' follow by 'software' ..look for software that u wan to upload then1 byebye.gif
i really dont like to update my software myself, had a bad experience
I recently upgraded the firmware on my N95, some problems at first connecting, but it's pretty simple.
i gues im just unlucky
QUOTE(adonisdemon @ May 10 2007, 01:29 PM)
I recently upgraded the firmware on my N95, some problems at first connecting, but it's pretty simple.

Is it possible to download the new firmware to the pc and then to transfer it to the phone?that way if there is an electricity outage, then the phone does not get damaged due to faulty download.
There is no way to do that.
I have spoken to the Nokia Repair Centre and advised against this for one major reason. No warranty if the upgrade fails, as did with one person who had an electrical surge and lost everything. I guess it is a matter of choice after all.
mr g
You not got v12 yet adonis?
Got it, tongue.gif Not posted yet! wallbash.gif
I want to ask a question about firmware update,
that is good that there is a post on this.

I know my phone has an update, and I want to know what the update does and why I need to update and if it save, I do not want to make un reconstruction move.

(I have nokia 6131)

@Rub69 updates usually fix bugs and improve/enhance handset, so it is recommended. if you do it via Nokia site you should be covered under warranty.

Thanks for the answer
usually when r updates released??? i mean some specific time period?
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