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Full Version: Cg15 Drm Reflashes For The V3i And V3
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For those who do not know, CG15 (Code Group 15) DRM icons are the icons that you see at the top of your screen indicating battery, signal, etc. By flashing your phone with the files below, you will replace those icons only. You will not lose any user data etc.

I just thought that I'd post these here as I become more active on this site. These are a few drm reflashes that I've made this year. I cleared out a lot of my old files so sorry if I don't have full previews.

Please do not attempt to install any file on a phone that it was not intended for! Note that V3i CG15 reflashes can be flashed safely to R479 and R47A models (non-iTunes and iTunes) even if non-iTunes software is referenced in the filename.

To get your original icons back, just flash with one of these files:

Stock V3 CG15 DRM Reflash
Stock V3i CG15 DRM Reflash


user posted image
user posted image

V3i download
V3 download (ported by [email protected])


user posted image
user posted image

V3i download

area o4

user posted image
user posted image

V3i downwnload
V3i download - HACKED (area o4 drm in yellow to match the I-IA(K3D skin)


user posted image
user posted image

V3 download


user posted image

V3 download

*Note that the two remix files contain icons created by others that I have altered, recolored, or otherwise edited. Most of the original versions of the icons in the two remixes above were made by Dark Preacher and a few others.

Hope you like em thumbsup.gif
Great stuff ZeZe thumbsup.gif
Any chance these, or atleast the two remix V3 colours, can be re-upped by someone?, they've been deleted due to inactivity sad.gif
Sorry, I don't have the V3 files anymore. If you have a search on you should find them pretty easily. thumbsup.gif
Good Work ZeZe. thumbsup.gif
Sadly, all the links on motox point to your url Zulu sad.gif

Also, do I just use multiflashflex to install the drm file(s)?
You can use MFF or RSD Lite to install them. thumbsup.gif

And sorry about the V3 remixes. If you find one of my creation threads on motox and post asking if someone can reupload them I'm sure that someone will be happy to do it for you. thumbsup.gif
thank you
great vrry nice.............10.gif
nice.... clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
good man
thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
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