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user posted image

Although the Wolfpack has already a thread like this with really great links, I think we will start our own.
Please tell me if the categories are okay, or if we need more or different names for it!

Flyer-Starter //english
8000 free fonts available for download. Unfortunately no direct preview

Anime-Paper // english
Anime-Gallery with loads of Hi-res-Scans

DoubleCrossed // english
Daily Photo-Blog with High-Quality shots

Wallpaper Pagina // netherlands
Links to different sites offering free Wallpapers

Brands Of The World // english
Loads of VECTORIZED Logos of common brands

ConceptArt-Forum // english
traditional and digital art forum

Pixel2Life // english
Tutorial-search engine for all kinds of applications
Vector Portal // english
Tuts and stuff for Illustrator
Pattern Tutorial // english
Tutorial explaining how to create seamless pattern

MagWerk // english and german issues
Online-Magazines "Encore" (art and design), "PlayMusicMagazine" (music and lifestyle) and "Probe" (games)

Rasterbator // english
You can upload any image here and get a PDF with your image rasterized to different sheets of papers. So you are able to print out huge posters at home.

Wargalla// german
Nice Roll-Over-Effects showing you iamges before and after digital retouching. Very good tutorials on the menu at the left ("Tipps") available for download

::software/brushes:: (only freeware)
FreePhotoshop// english
Providing free brushes, gradients, styles, plugins, ...

Tyler 3.2 // german link, english prog
freeware for creating mosaics out of other images

MehdiPlugins // english and french
26 free plugins

Salomo // english
stand-alone freeware fractal generator

If you have any good links I should add, links are broken or the provided stuff lacks quality, post in here or send me a PM.
that's cool buddy...i know some sites u give...anyway tnx..i'll post some of mine l8rs..cheers
hi cats just stopping by......... whistle.gif
*copying link to site*
lol & share urs...or we make a secret topic just for us!!!! devil2.gif
Crystal great bunch of Links clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
nice collection ..... gotta visit them all ...
I have a question .... I want to make an effect which is a golden water used for decoration something like this pic
user posted image

but couldn't find any tutorial can help me with it ... and another thing ... I gotta ask you LAO if you could point me to the tutorial used to make those whips or threads in our signs plz .. I hope you know what I mean ..
If you mean the black tentacle on the background, I think [as I know Lao] he has drawn them himself using the vectorfunctions in PS.
no guys...simple doing a triangle
filling in black
and filter>distort>waves...just some particoular settings..not so hight!!!!!!!!
or better
filter>distort>distorsione curvilinea(dont' know the english word...) but u are able to make it sinous..

oh ... that is smart never could thought of that myself ... so I fugure non of you know how to do the golden lines .... well, abandon project
have a look on

then if i make such kind of things u ask me..i use the pen tool...make just the line...and then trace the line with the brush tool...don't forget to simulate the pressure!!!!!! so u'll have the edges really small....
if u have i tut u.. wink.gif
for me it's impossible to explain all i know in english it's better with the psd everyone has some tut request...please feel free to contact address is in my profile...
sorry if i'm not so able to explain... sad.gif .....
good links iifungo
Pattern Tutorial
Links added to first post (except the babes wink.gif)
hey hi there crystal.. can i ask? how did u guys create your sigs? just curious.. happy.gif cause yours is a good one.. thumbsup.gif
well, mine is just some filterplaying in Photoshop. Had some spare 20 minutes at work haha.gif

Basically it is just a rectangle with distorted edges.
The rings around my logo are done using circles with added effects, transformed and masked.

I just played around and had the luck that something good came out smile.gif
hello .... fellow cats .. can anyone give me the psd for our Logo .. plz .... smile.gif
[email protected] it is for what??
Very.very good!!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
protect our tigers
Nice SIGs!!!!
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