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Full Version: [se P910i] Uefa Champions League Theme
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Hello to everyone visiting and contributing clap.gif to this geat site!

I would be very grateful to an expert who could help me with transfering the only theme that I always use on my K700i to P910i. I did a lot of reading on multiple sites but am still uncertain how to do things.

I was told that a transfer from K700 to P910 would not work well, as a lot of quality will be lost in the process. Perhaps experienced people could correct that problem. I am attaching the .thm file for someone to, please, try it.

If the outcome would not be satisfactory, I will search for and provide additional images that could be compiled into a new theme for the P910i from scratch.

I would very much appreciate your assistance, as I am desperate surrender.gif smile.gif THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! smile.gif
ok, i'll try..
byebye.gif Hello again!

Baby Oink - notworthy.gif THANK YOU for accepting my theme request!

Since I posted my request, I did a lot more reading through the various threads here. I especially liked some of the great themes that PhazedButterfly has done by adding animations to them clap.gif
I am sure that Baby Oink will make an awesome theme as well!

I am not very picky but since animation came into the picture, I am wondering if something like this is possible:

With closed lid: animated spinning soccer ball on screen (it would be superb if the ball is the official UEFA CL ball) 10.gif ;
With open lid: UEFA Champions League Logo;
Other screens: similar to the K700 theme that I attached.

I am going to be out of town for the next several days (through Friday), so I won't be able to help with additional images if necessary...not that my newbie contribution would make much difference smile.gif

Thanks to everyone willing to help me!!! smile.gif
oh, the p910i doesn't support animated images.. sorry..

and another thing, the theme that you attached doesn't have anything, just a black background.. surrender.gif
lottocalcio animated images are out of the question sad.gif
Then could we have a small UEFA CL Logo when the lid is closed, and a larger logo (maybe with extension towards to lower part of the open screen) when the lid is open?

I don't know why the .thm file would be empty. I transfered the theme via infrared to my laptop and then I attached it to the thread. Could the info have gotten lost when the file was attached to the thread? I could e-mail you the existing theme, if you would like to PM me your e-mail address. smile.gif

Thank You!!!
please attach images to be used in theme.
you cannot use PM uless you have more than 30 posts.
Adonisdemon: I was not aware of this PM limitation. 10x for clarifying.

I don't know how to break down the .thm file that I have for my K700 into image files, which I could attach to the thread. I am attaching once again the same .thm file and am hoping that this time it will upload correctly.

If it doesn't, I guess the only alternative would be to start from scratch, i.e. with new images. Adonisdemon, I noticed that you had a couple of nice UEFA Champions League logo images, which you pasted to a thread for the Real Betis theme. Maybe we could use them or someone else (better than me) could offer other images. grouphug.gif
If noone should be able to contribute, I will search for and provide the best that I manage to find as soon as I return back into town on Friday.

Thanks everyone! byebye.gif
the images in the theme were not big enough, so i have found this image:
the attached .thm file is still empty!!
i can't open it either wallbash.gif
i think u should attach an image that you want coz the attached theme doesn't work.. wink.gif
maybe when he gets back
Hi, guys!

I am back to town and am eager to get back to our discussion.

I am grateful to everyone who tried to open the .thm file that I attached, and appologize that it came out empty. Perhaps something went wrong during the IR transmission from my phone to my computer.

I am attaching a few images that could be used for starters. I am roughly dividing the necessary images into 3 groups (as only a newbie could describe them smile.gif ):

1. Main menu image - lid closed;
2. Main menu image - lid open; and
3. Other menues - i.e. other screens that you go to during phone operations (for example, in post #8 of this thread, Adonisdemon pasted an image that, in my opinion, could suit this category well).

I am sure that my attached images are not the right size, but perhaps they could be resized with acceptable quality.

Anyways, I belive that I might be able to add more and better images from another source if I only knew the necessary dimensions for my 3 categories. In other words, what are the hight and width of the P910 screen in pixels with open and closed lid (I assume that for the other menues in #3, the screen dimensions are the same as they are for the main menu image with lid open). Please let me know and I'll try to find better images from a friend.

Thank you! notworthy.gif

Grrrr....the attached files' names are not displayed in the thread.

So here is what I had in mind when attaching the 5 images in my previous post:

In order of their apearance,
the first 2 images could perhaps be used for the main menu with closed lid;
the 3rd image (the Champions League Logo) could be used for the main menu with open lid; and
the last 2 images could be used for the other menues in the phone.

Sorry to make you read more of my stuff chair.gif
close lid: 208x190
open lid: 208x320
OK, guys and Baby Oink,

As I said yesterday, I would try to get some better quality images and I did.

I am attaching two 320X208 pixel images which could be used to create a descent theme.

1. Main_menu_open_lid_final - besides using this for the purpose that its name describes, I believe that the image could be cut enough from the bottom to be used for Main-menu-lid-closed purposes. Perhaps it could display only the ball made from stars, and the rest toward the bottom could be cut off. This way, when the lid is open, it will display further the entire image.

2. Other_menues_final_image - also 320X208 and could be used for all other menues.

Baby Oink, I did the grunt work, now I leve the sophisticated part in your professional hands smile.gif clap.gif

Adonisdemon: I've also collected several images for a Germany World Cup 2006 theme. They need to be resized first however. My question is, could I paste them here for someone to play with them and make a theme, or should I post a new request?

Thanks a lot everyone! 10.gif
@lotto - the P910 has only two main images, one in the flip closed mode and the other in the flip open mode. The rest are all bars and icons. but the two images you have attached are very promising and if baby_oink is busy, even i wouldn't mind giving it a go
lottocalcio I've been looking at things all wrong...I've been thinking in terms of my K700, which has a theme with a main menu image and other menues image.

Daljitae, 10x for the info smile.gif

Now that that's clear, I guess that we only need the first image with the official logo, and a short version of it. If you'd like to give it a shot, please go ahead.

Adonisdemon: I've also collected several images for a Germany World Cup 2006 theme. They need to be resized first however. My question is, could I paste them here for someone to play with them and make a theme, or should I post a new request?

one request per week per member.
have a preview - let me know what you think

user posted image

I just submitted my 2nd request a few minutes ago unaware of this rule. Sorry about that.

Since my original request was posted last week, could you please allow my second one this time? This is probably my last request for a while smile.gif

If not, please display it when you deem appropriate.

Thank you for enabling our communications and requests! smile.gif
clap.gif @daljitae clap.gif

IT IS AWESOME!!! Thank you very much!

Just one question, on the standby screen it says "Sony Ericsson". Is this by default, i.e. is it always on or have you added it? I don't have my phone yet, so I could not tell by looking at it.

The reason I ask is because the minimized logo underneath could perhaps be larger if it were not for the "Sony Ericsson" above. In my opinion, if the minimized logo could become larger and more readable, it would be nicer. It is just a suggestion, though, as the theme looks amazing as it is and I cannot wait to download it.

Thanks for the great work! smile.gif
@lotto - you're welcome. always glad to help smile.gif ! it says sony ericsson where you will have your network provider's name. i could make the logo bigger but then it will start clashing with the other stuff on the image. and i've just loaded the theme on my phone and so far have not noticed any glitches. will put it on the gallery ASAP. you could probably download it in a couple of days.
Excellent! Thanks for testing it as well!. 10.gif

I look forward to putting it on my phone soon! smile.gif

This forum is FANTASTIC!
your so quick man!!! anyway, great work!! thumbsup.gif
@Baby Oink: 10x for all your help too!!! smile.gif

By the way, I am waiting for Adonisdemon to approve my request for a World Cup 2006 theme these days. You could give it a go then, if you'd still like to test your skills smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
@lotto - you're welcome

@babyoink - thank you. i know - finished this theme in 2 hours flat but thats cause the images were good and required minium manipulation.
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