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Full Version: Icons Tutorial 2
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Okay Guys...Here is a more simple and more accurate version 2.0 of the Tutorial for creating icons. Hope you guys like it smile.gif

user posted image

Enjoy! byebye.gif
notworthy.gif sg-God notworthy.gif
Thanxx a lot adonis smile.gif Hope this tut will be helpful for new themers smile.gif
Thankyou so very very much sg-god. your tutorial is so precise and easy to follow. ive been battling for mths trying to make my own with no success just had a quick go using your tut and i DID it. Bless you wub.gif
@tazmania-- im glad that it helped you! smile.gif
Hey sg,

Ex and i,are in the process of creating a theme studio faq thread,and i see that you have updated your old icon tutorial with this shiny excellent one. wow.gif

I did tell you,the old one was a bit complicated. tongue.gif
Thanx elton smile.gif yup last time, i didn't know the completed technique haha.gif
But a verrrry late visit to this thread! bash.gif tongue.gif
@ Sggod great great tut bro , i'm sure this will help out heaps of upcomming nokia themers. btw it's also nicley presented clap.gif clap.gif
Lol, i know it was late. oops.gif

Dont forget to checkout the above mentioned "Theme studio faq" thread,and please direct anyone with any Theme Studio questions to it,as all of my experience and regularly asked questions should already be answered there. thumbsup.gif
@BBT-- Thanx for he kind words bro smile.gif

@elton -- yeah sure mate! thumbsup.gif
is it ok if i save them in .png format? or still best in .bmp? if so... what is the right settings in bmp when saving the icon?

this is what iam talkin about:

user posted image
Many Thanks to you sg-GOD thumbsup.gif
That sure will come in handy for beginners like me happy.gif

Now I want to ask you If i could use your Tutorial unsure.gif
I want to translate it into my mother launguage and show it in a forum..

Do you mind?
If you don't accept I'll forget the whole idea ^^
so what do you say?

Waitting your replay^_^
sg-GOD can translate it mate smile.gif err...sorry for the late response tongue.gif
THank You ^^
I appreciate your kindness
Helpfull tut. Thanx
nice job,but сan you type more simply this tutorial?
i can"t understand whats do to round icons?like this?i am not dumb,but i am trying but result is 0.
IPB Image
please help me

P:S: beforehand 10x
i guess.. i answered you tongue.gif
hi SG how ya doing? well thanks alot for ur precise tutorial for S60 themers.. but i have got a different version of the same prob.. i m trying to make a theme for my nokia 6270.. can u plz tell me how to make icons for tht? i have got the theme maker studio.. but i dnt know even an inch of wht photoshop does and have never used nor i knw how to.. can u plz type a tutorial for tht too? thanks

waiting for ur reply

icons are the same for both s40 and s60 ThUnDeR_eDgE
QUOTE(shoutout @ Jan 7 2007, 08:51 PM)
icons are the same for both s40 and s60 ThUnDeR_eDgE

thanks for replying me buddy.. but making them isint the same :S there is a slight difference in making them work i guess
Good work.....!!!
thants helpful
thanks alot
Nice tut SG-GOD, I have a useful site that you might want to get icons from:

Sorry if I'm a bit off topic wink.gif
very nice! when creating the mask this way the icons look very smooth. but when i look at my standby screen with the icons below the clock, they are scaled down, and the edges look very bad.

any ideas on how to get it right? or add smaller icons so it doesn't have to be scaled?

I am trying to make my first theme, but i like to do it right =)
Good job
Awesome work sg-GOD, good tut for newbies.
QUOTE(sg-GOD @ Sep 10 2005, 01:09 AM)
Okay Guys...Here is a more simple and more accurate version 2.0  of the Tutorial for creating icons. Hope you guys like it smile.gif

user posted image

Enjoy!  byebye.gif

10.gif Can i know whether it can use for creating icons for N6233?
Sorry guys but i am an amateur member...
How can i download this?
nice job bro..
where can i get the "icon maker"??
does it also work if you save the mask with gradients of white instead of sollid white colors? cool.gif

and save file as what? png jpg psd?
Where I can get THEME MAKER for 6630

notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
QUOTE(dyo_palmal @ Apr 10 2008, 06:42 PM)
Where I can get THEME MAKER for 6630

notworthy.gif  notworthy.gif

rules.gif butt you need Carbide.ui

anyway this tread really doesen is allive so does anyone anser my question from march 27th....
Thank you, very good!!! thumbsup.gif
Hi Hi, first, my english is not good as it should be - sorry!

I have problems with my mobile phone. I have a Nokia N73 and'm topics (with the Carbide.ui Theme edition 3.2) now I have the problem that the "Idle Navi Pain" an excerpt of "Navi Pain" can be seen, how can I change that what do I need to change settings?!
The same problem I had a look at some themes that I have downloaded!

I hope, someone can help me!!!
so useful!
that's very kind of you!
thanks dude clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
QUOTE (asthegr8 @ Jan 20 2011, 07:48 AM) *
thanks dude clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

QUOTE (sg-GOD @ Sep 10 2005, 12:39 PM) *
Okay Guys...Here is a more simple and more accurate version 2.0 of the Tutorial for creating icons. Hope you guys like it smile.gif

Enjoy! byebye.gif

That Was Helpful
grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif
thanks notworthy.gif
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