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Full Version: Who Thinks Stevie G Should Leave?
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Steven Gerrard has confirmed that he is leaving the club. What a shame.. what a great example of money worship.

Yes I think he's leaving for the money, why else? what is he missing in Liverpool?

Leave Steven and close the door behind you. We don't need players who think they are bigger than the club. No body is bigger than the club. You just hope that you don't regret it like little old mickey(I know he's regreting it). Heck if history repeats itself, Liverpool should win the premiership next season clap.gif

Gerrard is a world class midfielder, but im not shedding tears for an unfaithful, disloyal player. What I'm hoping for is a silly war bid between clubs and let the highest bidder (preferably Real Madrid) win and invest that money in the like of Dirk Kuyt, Pablo Aimar, Albert Luque, Marek Mintal, Raul, Figo.

I would switch Gerrard for Pablo Aimar+Marek Mintal any day. Mintal is a MIDFIELDER who scored 25 goals in the German Legue.

Interesting things might happen too with the packages clubs will offer for Gerrard. We're looking at a Damien Duff + Money. Figo + Money. Heck even maybe a Figo + Raul!
good luck to ol stevie G clapping.gif
i'd like Aimar, Kuyt, Milito and a few other players to strengthen the squad smile.gif

35+ million is okay i guess, give Rafa some more options.

NO ONE is bigger than the CLUB, Bigger players than gerrard have come and gone. If he wanted to stay he would have signed a new contract at the beginning of last season. Let him to to chelseas or Real and win nothing but FA Cups and League Cups.
Next season Rafa will bring the league, and just like Owen missed out on the Champions Cup Win, gerrard will go to chelsea and win nothing but a few measly cups.

It's a sad day...but i'm not wasting tears on him.
I'd take 100,000 pounds a year to play for Liverpool, let alone a week and he walks away from that? A club he supposedly supports and cherishes... bash.gif BullSh*t!! I blame the SFX agents for unsettling him, and he is probably bound for Real in that case.

Not too keen on Figo, i think he wants a nice pay packet before he retires, probably end up in the Middle East as all the other retarded...ahem... i mean retired players cashing in... tongue.gif
Move on Stevie, and bring on Captain Carragher :D
King Carra!! clapping.gif
changed his mind? blink.gif ohmy.gif
Amazing u-turn! I guess he wasnt after money aftreall. long live our captain ;D
carls - you hipocrite bash.gif tongue.gif

hopefully it will be sorted once and for all. don't want the same type of thing happenning at the end of next season dry.gif
hypocrite? Wether he stayed or left, I would be happy in both situations. It was a win-win situations. :D
Well, the fans will be very happy now... thumbsup.gif
And we who arenĀ“t fans feel sad crybaby.gif
Well, the fans will be very happy now...

not the ones that burnt their gerrard replica shirts laugh.gif

I would be happy in both situations. It was a win-win situations

definately clapping.gif
Stevie is a great captian, in the ac milan match he was the one who saved the game and made the players play there best althouh they were loosing 3 - 0.
I think Liverpool lost a great player and a captian.
I think Liverpool lost a great player and a captian.

he hasn't left, he decided to stay tongue.gif

edit: seems like i didnt read the topics up there ^^^^ tongue.gif
10.gif good to hear that he chnaged his mind ! I agree that NO players are bigger than the club, but sometimes players tend to think it differently when clubs continuously saying that this or that player is very important for them...

[probably Owen called and ask Stevie not to repeat his mistakes of leaving Anfield laugh.gif]
just read thi again and look what all you lot at the top said about him being disloyal etc tongue.gif haha.gif and now hes probably the most coveted talisman of liverpools club one of hte most in history afer winning the champ leauge etc haha.gif tongue.gif
Well, the fans will be very happy now... thumbsup.gif
clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
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