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Full Version: No Website Sells Lemmings?
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Where can i buy LEMMINGS god damn it!

ok it's released, ok it's in the K700 section, but where the hell i can buy this?

thanks. weightlift.gif
Do you have a k700? Why not just download it?
lol...obviously cause i don't have a K700! tongue.gif

it's been reviewed, it's been advertised to death, can't they just give it to most providers so people can buy it via SMS or something?

first i go to, it tells that to buy i gotta contact VODAFONE or 3G .....ok....i am a vodafone customer but not a vodafone mobile.

if anyone gets info where to buy it , let me know.

THANKS. wink.gif (SE K500i)
An s40 version would work almost full screen on a k500 then wouldn't it? I'll keep an eye out.
even the supposed k700 one isnt k700,ifone says it has music and effects for both k500 and k700,but this one doesnt seem to work for me.
and oranges games site is down for refurbishment,so no joy there.
Yeah, the one I found is just a general s60 version... music works tho, just not sound effects sad.gif

I've found a Spanish s40 version, which should work okay on the k500 until there is a real version. I'll post it in the thread.
excellent.i just mailed orange and got a respose,that qouted,"we wont know what games are on new refurbished games pages,until its lauched."
so i guess the same old cack
that would be great to test the s40 version,thanks,baldmonk.
Here u go!



I hope it helps...
cool,unfortunatly,i believe thats the suposed k700 version.
i tested the English and Spanish version of S40 lemmings supplied , screen are all MESSED UP! sad.gif

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