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Last month, she became the 4th Legendary Themer here on M9. We are so glad for the opportunity to sit down & talk to a lovely girl from Greece.


Big congratulations Lia, for becoming one of the only four Legendary Themer here on M9! What an honor! How did you find out & what was your first reaction to it?

Hello Patricia, you brought the interrogation lamp as I have seen !!!!!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/devil2.gif) Well I begun my typical day in m9 and when I visited my profile everyone was congratulated me, then I found out why ! I was so surprised and incredibly honored when I read about my promotion !! Never imagine that really, because I can understand that this badge is the hardest one to gain and I’m so proud of this ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wub.gif)

An interview opportunity doesn't come easily so of course I will bring the strongest & brightest lamp I can find. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/haha.gif) Let the interrogation begin! Can you introduce yourself to M9ers who don't already know you? Why Liapireas?
I’m a simple typical girl from Greece , I have studied fashion designing, classic art techniques and logistics …. I have a 13 long time fiancé , no cats or dogs. About my username (not a very smart or unique I know ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/dry.gif) )

Well Lia is my name and Pireas is the port 10 km from the capital Athens that I actually live …

Aha, how your username stack up is always interesting to me. Now I know the story. Nice! So did you find M9 first before making themes or the opposite? How did you get to know M9? How did you start making Sony Ericsson themes?
I just Googled to find great mobile themes for my old SE K800 phone and then m9 pop up, it was love at first sight I admit !!!!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wub.gif) I was just a downloader for some years and made my first theme one year and a half ago, I wanted to have my personal trademark in my themes I suppose ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)

That surely is a big big mark - your work has been downloaded over million times and added to favourite over thousand times since then! But let's take a trip back to when you first started. Who inspired you the most?
Jasnasto, MrKlan and zjurina. Their themes was the biggest inspiration for me ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/cheers.gif)

Absolutely! Jas, mrklan & ZJ are all superb in making themes. It's the same with you, a lot of admire you as a legendary themer and want to know more about your secret. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/devil2.gif) So can you please describe how you create a theme from start to finish? Where you find inspiration, the starting point, tools you use etc.
Well first of all , I’m always having a big cup of coffee, okey maybe two ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) I’m searching the right wallpaper according to the topic which usually takes a lot of time ! I use a lot of brushes, patterns and shapes for my themes, no surprise here ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif) Sometimes I don't use tools at all and all of my elements are taken from wallpapers ... depends on the theme !

12 gold, 7 silver, 3 bronze trophies. What a record in TMC! I'm sure it's a journey marked by excitement, disappointment, blood & sweat. What's the one most memorable experience for you in TMC?
Definatelly my first bronze TMC trophy in my only third participation back in Sep 2009, I was so happy that day, I couldn’t believe it!


Indeed. That was also the first theme that attracts me to follow your work and then I get addicted since then! For those who have just started in TMC, what advices would you give them so that they can get the most out of this challenge in terms of improving their skills, making friends, winning?
Learn to be polite, friendly and a good listener for everybody, m9 is a big community with people of different backgrounds and culture. Don’t give up with the first misstep, having fun is more important, winning will come later when your experience will grow and you will believe in yourself ! Always observe the others themers work , but have your personal style and try to be original ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/thumbsup.gif)

Absolutely agree with what you said. Work hard, learn, have fun, the rest will come eventually.

I took a look at your gallery. Out of your 111 themes, only 1 is not designed for Sony Ericsson phone. Sony Ericsson
must be super happy to have such a loyal fan. Hahahaha. Why only SE? Any plan to explore other theming platform sometime in future?

My one and only Symbian theme was actually a request for my sweet Shalu for her SE Satio phone !!!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)
Actually I have no Nokia phone to test Symbian themes and neither any of my friends have , yes we are a closed SE community , no Nokia themers allowed !!!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) Maybe in the future …

3 of your top favourite themes (your own themes) so far? Why?
1. Last Race = great wallpaper and I love the color combo in this one !

2. Cabaret = for the vintage style ...

3. Taking Over Me = for the dark Gothic feeling !

Besides theming, what else do you enjoy doing when you have free time?
Besides making themes and wallpapers ? Nothing !!!!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)
In my spare time I enjoy hanging around with my friends, going to the cinema,playing with my PS3,giving a hard time to my poor fiancé , drawing and I like to travel a lot also ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wub.gif)

Can we have a brief tour of how you typically spend your time on M9? From log in until you log off.
Well I’m always checking my notifications for starters and then I go to the forum to TMC, WPC and DC section, sometimes I’m wondering in the lounge area too, but rarely comment ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/cool.gif)

Greece is a country with rich histories. You also have a lot of mountains & islands. Can you tell us some places that every visitor to Greece should visit?
Okey, let me open my “Traveler's guide” for a minute (IMG:style_emoticons/default/cool.gif)
Greece is all about sun, sea and beautiful islands! Some of my favourite places are definitely Santorini – the volcano island, Corfu, Nafplio and Rhodes and for those who seek crazy Greek nights - Myconos is the right place for them! Athens of course for the great archaeological sites and monuments ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wub.gif)

Thank you so much Lia, for taking time with us to do this interview. We wish you all the best in your next adventure - the TMC Manager!
Thank you so much it was my pleasure, I had a great time doing this ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif) I hope I will not mess everything up as the new TMC manager !
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i know its not the place to post like this ...
but i could not post it in reports area


my problem that i cant see all the comments in my profile (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif) and if i want to see the new comments i have to post something in my page
iam look like crazy to talk with my self (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif)

and also the notifications its dont show me the new comments (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif)
as its clear in image when i enter "MY Wall" its log-out me

so ... is there any soultion to my problems ????

again ... i am so sorry to post here ... wish that you will forgive me (IMG:style_emoticons/default/crybaby.gif)
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