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Table Of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. The Rules
III. Conclusion
IV. Thanks


Well, it was about time for me to get philosophical and theoretical... (IMG:style_emoticons/default/rules.gif) ... to give you the rules, the ONLY set of rules that in my opinion will serve for ages... maybe one or two updates as we progress, but basically, this is it... First of all, these rules are made to be followed and respected, and as such can not be questionable... If this isn't so, the whole concept of not only the Rule Book, but the entire group can fall apart... As I've said many many times before, the rules are fair, but strict... no questions about it... AND, the most important thing, the rules are to be followed from this day onwards... There are some rules that make it easier for the current members (those rules will have a * symbol next to the title, so be on the watch for them).

So, let's begin...


Membership Of Masters Of Sound*

You can either ask for the membership, in the topic Join M.o.S, or you can be asked to join us... either way, ONLY M.o.S. council can give the final approval of the membership. Any member of MoS can (and is highly encouraged to do so) suggest a member that could be accepted into MoS.

As a member, you're free to do whatever you came to do here at the M9 Forum, but you'll have to follow some rules that will make it easier to interact between us, and not to collide work and fun.

Keep in mind that the membership isn't permanent... you can lose the membership as easily as gain it... And I do hope I won't never have to see that happen... Thus, these rules should prevent that from happening...

Leadership of MoS

Leadership of MoS is organized as a council. Council contains 3 members (Antonis1978. Derber & Tehnokid1974 ). Majority decides on all matters. MoS council is here only to make things better, and to serve up as a guide. Council members are obligated with this rulebook, like any other member. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask any of us.


The groups ARE NOT a ranking system, only a way to segment the work that is to be done, and to make things more interesting. Group Leaders are only symbolically, and their ONLY purpose is to ask questions and solve problems their Group Members can't solve by themselves... Explanation: This Rule Book should hold even if we reach 50 members... And to lift a load from me, and make more members involved in running this group...

MoS Home Topic

Intended to be our home, a base, or call it what ever you feel like... We hang around and chat, and chat, and chat... For the serious talks and projects there will be specific topics, and there is a PM system that works just fine.

MoS Signature

Making developing our signatures are in hands of our Alchemists. If you want to create your own signature, fine by us, BUT, only one condition -> You have to use the miniDJ in it. If you'll create your own sig, contact one of the counsilors via PM so he can send you the image
of the DJ.

Conflicts among members

I will not tolerate such behaviour. PERIOD. Why? Because, if this is a way to escape reality even for a bit, why spoil that... we have enough problems in real world as it is now, we should avoid bringing such problems in here... And I intend to do my best to make the Group a place where we'll comfort each other, give and provide support, and whatever is necessary for our members to feel better, and not only on the forum.


All our members come from different countries, have different backgrounds,
different real life obligations and activities, and this is why we don't want any restrictions or sign-in topics to show who is active, and who is not.
IMPORTANT: You're a member of MoS unless:
  • YOU cancel the membership. In this way you should tell us publicly, in MoS Home, about it,
    why you resign, and say goodbye and
  • WE dismiss you from the group, because of some major breaking of rules... You will get
    warnings from us before we resort to the last measure of defense - throwing
    you OUT of MoS for ever...
  • Of course we all hope this thing would never happen.

MoS Activity

If you know 1% about ringtones, but have a will to learn, you're made for our Group... While in our group, you can do whatever you want (themes, wallpapers, ...) ... as long as you continue to work on ringtones (making them, remixing them, finding them, uploading them, discussing them etc.) ...

Join MoS

IN order to join MoS you will require to have following: At least 75 posts that count and uploaded 20 ringtones to M9, if you have all that you are almost automatically accepted in our group.
Also, from now on ( Feb 2012) you can simply join MoS by winning 5 MoS challenges. If you go that way, having 75 posts and 20 ringtones uploaded won't be necessary!

Group Mission*

When I started working on this idea 2 years ago, my main goal was to organize the ringtoners of MoS to provide better help for the ever growing M9 Community... This group DOES NOT make any obligations, you're free to decide if you want to follow us or not, but if you're a part of our group, at least a small effort to follow the ways of MoS is needed.

This is not some kind of strict military operation, just an organized hang-out for the people that have similar interests (generally, music and ringtones) and enjoy being together as a group...


Well, of course not all things are defined (don't want to make it too strict), but this should have a role of a pointer, in which way we should act as a group...

The rules aren't that strict, and basically, I have a very high level of tolerance (especially for the new members... even for those that are members for a while as well)...


Don't want to name anyone special, because to me you're all special... You made this group a better place, better than I ever imagined possible... You all deserved my respect, and you'll always have my respect... You made this group into a place that I can't wait to visit... When life isn't going as planned, I know I have a resort here, where I can relax, and loosen up, among members I love and like, and where I can enjoy spending hours and hours without any pressure or thinking that I have an obligation to someone on the forum... I hope all members of MoS are here because of the same motive, and not just for the downloads... (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif) ...

Keep in mind, you and council are equal, Council leads, but this is more-less a formality... As we were elected we were given this title and position along with all the obligations and benefits...

I highly encourage you to discuss this Rule Book as much as you want and can... Two heads know more than one, I always say... (IMG:style_emoticons/default/mf_type.gif) ...

Well, there you have it, rules of conduct, self-explanatory, and I think now we can focus on new projects and new members...


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(IMG:style_emoticons/default/byebye.gif) i never reads rules...but othis rule should ne wrong - other group cant join mos....^
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