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> How To Burn & Turn Your P900 Into A Mobile Theatre, "BengalBoy's Bible"
post Jun 7 2004, 12:16 AM
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"BengalBoy's Bible" How to Burn & Turn your P900 into a Mobile Theatre..
Okay members.....I just got my P900 and let me tell you....it's got a Screen that you won't believe!!! With a powerful battery and video player capabilities, not to mention stereophonic sound,,,,the P900 is perfect for entertaining the busy traveler or vacationist who finds themselves wanting to see their favorite movie. So as a little Halloween present to the loyal HOFO members with P900's,,,P800's or just for people who intend to get one and want to start getting prepared for the big arrivial,,,I present "Bengal Boy's.... How to Burn & Turn your P900 into a Mobile Theatre.."

So,,,,how do you get your favorite DVD onto a memory stick duo??? I am here to show you what you need to rip, encode, and transfer a full feature length movie from the DVD's that you purchase from your favorite video store....Remember, ripping your own commercial DVD's is acceptable behavior,,,but use this information to create files for download or transfer to your friends and you may find yourself the party to a lawsuit by the Movie Industry equivilent of the RIAA....Therefore I give the following disclaimer,,, ""BENGALBOY DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ILLEGAL ACTIONS OF OTHERS AND PROVIDES THIS INFO FOR EDUCATIONAL USE AND INSTRUCTION ONLY!!""

So,,,,What do you need? Well first of all your favorite DVD would be great and a fast computer with a above average RAM... I am using a Pentium 4 mobile at 2.4ghz, 512mb DDR ram and the coolest current DVD..."Matrix..Reloaded"......you will also need the following:

1. A DVD Movie of your choice.
2. A fast computer with a DVD drive and playback software.
3. A 128mb Memory Stick Duo.
4. A copy of #1 DVD Ripper software.
5. A copy of PVauthor MPEG4 encoding software.
6. A P900 or P800 with stereo headphones.
7. A card reader or USB docking station.

This process can be broken down into 3 distinct parts or processes..Ripping, Encoding, and Transfer........So without further adeww...How to Rip, Encode and Transfer your favorite DVD to your Sony Memory Stick Duo for viewing on your P900!! Please....don't cry ,,,,,,I know I've just answered your prayers...


Okay, first you need to be sure that you have installed on your computer the following software....A program that enables you to view and play DVD's such as PowerDVD or WinDVD player. A copy of #1DVD Ripper or an equivilent DVD ripping program. A copy of PVAuthor or an equivilent MPEG4 encoding program such as Mpegable.. These programs are either previously installed on your computer or readily available for download on the internet.

First, open your DVD for playback and begin the movie.

This is neccesary in order to avoid the following error message when opening #1 DVD Ripper

......Once the movie is playing, simply press the pause button or right click your mouse and select pause.....

Now open #1 DVD Ripper...the screen will look like this....

Inside of #1 DVD Ripper you will see the different files as set out above....these are the files to the movie, special features, and individual chapters...you should uncheck every single box except the one box at the top with all the chapters of the movie underneath...it will have out-beside it a time of about 2 hours ...more or less. You can rip single chapters in which case you will uncheck everybox except for the specific chapters you want ripped. The reason for doing this is you only want the movie, nothing more,,,,no special features, menus, etc...

Now set your settings for the file type you want to rip your DVD vob file too, select MPEG1 (VCD), MPEG2 (SVCD) avi, divix, mpeg4.

I have tried both avi and MPEG1 and find that the program works faster with the MPEG1 selection,,,regardless,,,be prepared to wait for approximately 3 hours for the movie to be ripped to your hard-drive.

Finish your settings for audio,,,

Aspect ratio....

Frame rate...remember that you want to encode in NTSC format for the frame rate if you live in North America....PAL is the format for Asia and Europe..

Audio Track...

Finally, unless you intend to backup your DVD to a VCD, go to the following menu and select custom....at split mode..this will keep the program from breaking the DVD into 2 seperate files for burning VCDs. You just want one to go on your 128mb stick. You can still install the two files on your stick and just click on the second part once the first is finished. But if you just want one continuous movie on your P900, don't forget this menu.....

Now you are ready to RIP.......hit the rip button and the program will automatically begin to rip your commercial DVD into the file format you specified to the output location of your harddrive that you set.

Yes,,,,it's that easy......

But be prepared to wait, depending on the type of computer you are using you will need to give #1 DVD Ripper approximately 3 hours to rip through a feature film..

When you are finished you will have a file like this....

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post Jun 7 2004, 12:16 AM
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Now you are ready to take your MPEG or AVI file and encode it into a Mpeg4 file that can be played on the P900. To do this I use Packet Video's PVAuthor although there are other programs such as Mpegable that can do this. The reason????? PVAuthor has profiles that are customized to the P800 specifically, and this company was selected as the player and recording software provider for the P900......so,,,,updates and upgrades to the PVAuther program optimizing encoding for use on the P900's beautiful screen should follow very quickly.

Open PVAuthor....

Now go to Profiles and select the Device Specific file,

Choose the 30fps NTSC for the best frame rate for North American DVD's...

Now select P800 stereosmooth setting or another of your choice..

Select your file that you created above with #1 DVD Ripper....

Now select encode/start and let the PVAuthor encode your Mpeg file into the Mpeg4 format for your P900....It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to encode your 2 hour movie...

When your movie is encoded it will be place in a file in PVAuthor like this....

And now your 1.2gb file has been reduced to a 93mb file that contains a 2 hour and 7 minute movie....


Now use your USB cradle and P900/P800 to move the MPEG4 file you encoded with PVAuthor in Step 2 above or,,,use a card reader/writer,,,,which is faster and simpler to do in my opinion and example.

Insert your duo into the Memory Stick Duo Adapter and place it in the card reader/writer. Now go to "My Computer" and find your memory stick...open it...the files will look like this....

Select video and open it... it will say unfiled....open this file....

While leaving the above file opened, go to your program files, PVAuthor and locate your MPEG4 file.....right click on it and select copy......

Now go back to your memory stick file, video, unfiled, right click on your mouse and select Paste....

The movie will then be copied to your Memory Stick Duo for playing on your Glorious P900 Screen.......

Once the copy light stops on your reader/writer take the Duo Adapter out and remove your Duo. Place it in your P900 and you are off to the Movies

Screen shots of the Matrix Reloaded playing on the P900...

Photos don't really do this screen justice..you have to see and use it in person. The playback is very smooth and the audio is phenomenal!!! It is very entertaining. For those with P800's it is still a very good experience, but you will see a jerkiness to the frame rate although the sound will be just as good. Get a P900 if you really want a pocket theater experience....it's that good...and I don't think you will find better outside of a $600 5inch screen dedicated DVD portable player.

I want to thank DaPope for helping me find the very best DVD Ripper program I think available....Stan's the Man!! Also, I want to encourage others who have far more expertise and specialized information than I regarding this process to share suggestions and comments on how to get an even better result.. __________________

Mark Morrow
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