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Tips&Tricks&Secret Codes
    Question: How to full format your Symbian S60 phone [Answer]
    Question: How to connect via IR [Answer]
    Question: Solving jar = zip problem in Windows [Answer]
    Question: How to get most space on your mmc [Answer]
    Question: Explaining filetypes we use here (.sis, .jar, .rar, .zip, .ace) [Answer]
    Question: Where are the files that you send to your phone via IR or BT?* [Answer]
    Question: N-gage games explained [Answer]
    Question: How to connect your Nokia Series 60 device via Bluetooth [Answer]
    Question: How to manually make a serial connection to the Series 60 Handset to get the mRouter connection started [Answer]
    Question: How to make or change operator logo [Answer]
    Question: How to install applications/games (.sis/.jar files) on Ngage [Answer]
    Question: How to delete files in your inbox you can't delete normal way [Answer]
    Question: How to backup your phone on mmc [Answer]
    Question: How to change storage for your sms messages [Answer]
    Question: How to remove operator logo [Answer]
    Question: The ultimate guide to get a cracked .app file on your Symbian S60 device [Answer]
    Question: How to fix "App. Closed Main" error [Answer]
    Question: How to convert iTunes music library into a format that you can play from your mobile [Answer]
    Question: Tips / undocumented functions:
      Question:* [Answer]
      Question: Easy moving thru menus [Answer]
      Question: Why left menukey in standby-mode takes more to open than right [Answer]
      Question: How to switch from text to numbers while typing [Answer]
      Question: How to launch your wap home page from stand-by [Answer]
      Question: How to turn on light without unlocking your phone [Answer]
      Question: How to keep backlight always on [Answer]
      Question: How to check your firmware version [Answer]
      Question: How to check your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) [Answer]
      Question: How to check your Bluetooth device address* [Answer]
      Question: How to format the phone memory [Answer]
      Question: How to call specific number on your sim in memory slots [Answer]
    Question: Repairing A Corruptted MMC & Correct Treatment of your MMC [Answer]
    Question: FExplorer Tips & Tricks
      Question: [Answer]
      Question: How to reset the operator logo [Answer]
      Question: How to make a screenshot on a Nokia S60 [Answer]
      Question: How to make a screenshot on a Siemens SX1 [Answer]
      Question: Some shortcuts for users [Answer]
      Question: Why 'send command' fails new firmware [Answer]
    Question: Can't Uninstall Applications via Manager?* [Answer]
    Question: What when phone hangs on Start-up [Answer]
    Question: Operator Logos Explained [Answer]
    Question: How to transfer Mp3s[Answer]
    Question: Mp3 as ringtones for the 6600? [Answer]
    Question: How to install and use new fonts on Symbian S60 phone [Answer]
    Question: Disassembly info for Nokia 6600 [Answer]
    Question: How to take Phone ScreenShots [Answer]
    Question: How to Speed up 6600 [Answer]
    Question: How to free more RAM on your phone [Answer]
    Question: Do u know how to use the edit button (abc or pencil button)? [Answer]
    Question: How to avoid being blue jacked [Answer]
    Question: Save memory when installing apps, by installing over bluetooth [Answer]
    Question: How to heck if the recepients phone is on [Answer]
    Question: How to rotate image viewing a picture in your phone's gallery [Answer]
    Question: Difference between A soft and Hard reset [Answer]
    Question: Supported formats of images [Answer]
    Question: How to copy & paste text in your Nokia [Answer]
    Question: How to turn on/off the "click" sound made by the camera [Answer]
    Question: How to change background image [Answer]
    Question: How to display an image when someone's calling[Answer]
    Question: How to add a personal ringing tone to a contact [Answer]
    Question: How to send or hide your caller ID[Answer]
    Question: How to make your Nokia 7610 work with regular sized MMC [Answer]
    Question: Detailed code list for your Nokia [Answer]
    Question: How to install Java and Applications Tutorial [Answer]
    Question: Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD
      Question: [Answer]
      Question: What's the difference between the N-Gage and QD? [Answer]
      Question: Which N-Gage is better? [Answer]
      Question: Can my (input s60 phone here) play N-Gage games? [Answer]
      Question: How do I check firmware and IMEI on my N-Gage/QD? [Answer]
      Question: How do I change my operator logo for my N-Gage/QD? [Answer]
      Question: How do I change my wallpaper on my N-Gage/QD? [Answer]
    Question: How to convert MP3 to truetone AWB or AMR file [Answer]
    Question: How to use your pc connection on your Symbian S60 device [Answer]
    Question: How to copy Files From PC To Phone [Answer]
    Question: How to install Files on your Symbian S60 device [Answer]
    Question: How to uninstall Files on your Symbian S60 device [Answer]
    Question: How to use Gmail On Your Mobile [Answer]
    Question: How to set Bluetooth Connection from your mobile to your pc [Answer]
    Question: Explaining Nokia Phone series
      Question: [Answer]
      Question: What represent the first number in my phone's name [Answer]
      Question: What are main official Nokia resources [Answer]
      Question: Where to find info about Nokia Phones and company [Answer]
      Question: Which phonemanagers are good [Answer]
      Question: What does series XX represent [Answer]
      Question: SMS tips for Nokia series 40 [Answer]
      Question: How to turn t9 off / on [Answer]
      Question: All nokia phones with band and software version
        Question: GSM 900 or 1800 [Answer]
        Question: GSM dual band 900/1800 [Answer]
        Question: GSM Triband 900/1800/1900 [Answer]
        Question: Nokia UMTS 2100 [Answer]
        Question: Nokia Communicators [Answer]
        Question: Nokia Cardphones [Answer]
        Question: Nokia Carphone [Answer]
    Question: How to shorten (truncate)MIDIs [Answer]
    Question: Drives on symbian phones [Answer]
    Question: How to clear SMS reports [Answer]
    Question: Problems with sending files from 7650 to PC via BT [Answer]
    Question: Tutorial on making your own True Tones mp3 format [Answer]
    Question: How to create .3GP (convert avi, mpg to .3gp file) [Answer]
    Question: How to backup one MMC to another MMC [Answer]
    Question: How To View Hidden Files in MS Windows [Answer]
    Question: Installation procedure for DKU-5 cable [Answer]
    Question: Series 40: I've installed a game and it is not fullscreen. Can it be fixed? [Answer]
    Question: Series 40: What size can app/games are? [Answer]
    Question: Series 40: I want install a sis-file, how it's done? [Answer]
    Question: Series 40: Where do I get a blank operator logo? [Answer]
    Question: Can Series 40 Games be played on Series 60 phones? [Answer]
    Question: I've bought a cable for my phone but it won't work. Why? [Answer]
    Question: Where are my messages saved? [Answer]
    Question: I've formatted my MMC with a card reader, now I can't access the card with my phone. What now?* [Answer]
    Question: Where to put my ringtones? [Answer]
    Question: How do I install an app/ a game? [Answer]
    Question: Which Symbian OS version does my phone use? [Answer]
    Question: How can I upgrade my Symbian OS to a newer version? [Answer]
    Question: Nokia 6230: When I want to upload something on the MMC I get a "The operation could not be completed" error. How to fix this? [Answer]
    Question: Nokia 6230: Can I use mp3s as ringtones? [Answer]
    Question: Nokia 6230: I've got a big movie on my phone and want to fastforward (rewind). How can I do this? [Answer]
    Question: Nokia 6230: I've uploaded mp3s to my MMC and arranged them in folders. The phone won't find any of them. Can this be fixed? [Answer]
    Question: Deleting leftover Game/App Icons [Answer]
    Question: Simple Task Manager for Symbian S60 phones [Answer]
    Question: How to connect your N-Gage to your PC [Answer]
    Question: Some usefull N-gage tips:
      Question: [Answer]
      Question: Using USB cable without MMC [Answer]
      Question: Using memory cards on your N-gage [Answer]
      Question: Working with 7650/3650 appz and games [Answer]
      Question: Is there a camera for N-gage? [Answer]
      Question: Can I use larger MMC than 128 [Answer]
    Question: Series 60 FAQ: E-Mail Issues [Answer]
    Question: Email issue: Error Message: General System Error. [Answer]
    Question: Able to receive but not send email. [Answer]
    Question: Can I automatically check my email every x minutes? [Answer]
    Question: How to use Linux on Symbian phones [Answer]
    Question: Memory Cards: Can I use SD cards with my phone? [Answer]
    Question: Memory Cards: What size of MMC cards are supported? [Answer]
    Question: Memory Cards: What can I store on my MMC? [Answer]
    Question: How to 6600 and iSync [Answer]
    Question: More tutorials to come soon!
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