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Here are some basic things you need to know before participating in RC
Kindly read the rules carefully to have a better understanding

Introduction & Rules

General Information
RC: Ringtone Challenge- is a weekly competition where participants create unique ringtones for various handheld devices such phones, tablets etc.
Participants use various audio editing tools and techniques to create unique mixes. This competition is open for all m9 members.
Every week, a topic will be given. If a member is participating, he/she needs to create a remix as per the topic of that week.
The duration of that specific topic is one week.

RC Ringtone Specifications
• Ringtone duration: 30 seconds. Remixes exceeding 30 seconds will not be accepted by the site.
• The ringtone cannot be a simple one part crop of a 30 second song nor can it be same as the original song. It needs to be remixed / altered somehow.
• Ringtone title must follow the below format:
"Your chosen title" - RC Week "XXX" (X= RC Competition Week Number)
• Only One ringtone per member is allowed.
• Your entry must always be a new remix, it shouldn't be released on any other site. Do not use old remixes from your gallery for the competition.
• Name of your mix CAN’T be the full name of the artist. Example: The Weeknd - RC Week XXX.

• All participants entering the competition are required to post the individual parts of the song they used for their remix.
• Participants need to specify the total number of parts used in their remix
• Participants are free to use songs of any language as long as it meets the week’s requirement
• Participant using lyrical songs of any non-English, then they need to provide translation for the same.
• Participants are free to use any kind of external sound effects on their remix. They need to specify the type used. Example: Backspin, scratch, gunshot etc. Uploading of these effects is optional.
• Participants are free to use drum / instrumental / vocal loop / samples even if they are not related to that specific week’s topic. Uploading of these loops / samples is optional. | You can checkout a few samples here LINK
• Participants need to specify the Full name of the song / remix along with the original name of the artist and remixer. Posting of originals will be done as the following example:

1. Artist Name - Track Name (Remixer Name)
2. Artist Name - Track Name (Remixer Name)
3. Artist Name - Track Name (Remixer Name)

Consisting of # parts check here (link of hosted parts)


1. Artist Name A - Track Name (Remixer Name) - Part 1 (LINK of hosted file)
2. Artist Name A - Track Name (Remixer Name) - Part 2 (LINK of hosted file)
3. Artist Name B - Track Name (Remixer Name) - Part 1 (LINK of hosted file)
4. Artist Name B - Track Name (Remixer Name) - Part 2 (LINK of hosted file)
In the last example you should order your tracks in a way that the same tracks will follow, to be clear how many and which songs were been used to make the mix.

• Failing to provide original name of the track or artist will result in disqualification

Certain weeks in RC will have restrictions in them such as the use of only a Specific artist for that week Remixes / No Remixes / Cover and etc.,.
Participants are requested to follow the topic restrictions and remix accordingly. If the topic or restrictions aren’t clear ask the RC Manager in the specific thread of that week.


Voting Information

• At the end of each RC week the voting thread will be opened
• Only RC participants are eligible to vote
• Participants entering the specific week must vote for that week’s remixes / entries
• Any participant failing to vote for that specific week will result in disqualification of his/her entry

Voting Thread
• This is a special thread that will opened only for approximately 24 hours
• The posts (votes) in this thread are visible only to the managers / Admin team
• If all participants have voted early the voting thread will be closed before time

Voting Rules
• Participants are not allowed to vote for their own remixes / entries
• Do not mention more than one participant in each position
• Do not use abbreviations / nicknames. Use only the mobile9 usernames
• Vote only for the required entries mentioned by the manager in the voting thread

Voting Procedure
Participants are required to follow a specific format for voting
The format Voting Is always mentioned in the voting Thread.
Follow It Carefully before posting your votes.

Below is an example

1. silversurfer05
2. supergirl_12
3. GraphicGeek
4. trancemania
5. daredevil247

*Theme: Dubstep
Description: Make a mix from songs of the dubstep genre.

Participants can post their theme suggestion along with their vote.*
They can also choose From The Topic Suggestion Thread Here

Voting Point Allocation

Points allocation are distributed as followed:
1. (12 points)
2. (11 points)
3. (10 points)
4. (09 points)
5. (08 points)

Additional Information Concerning Voting
• If a participant is unable to vote, he/she should inform the manager. Otherwise his/her entry will be disqualified.
• If any errors are found in voting, Participants Will Be Given another chance To Vote Again.
• Only Participants of RC Are Eligible to Vote. Other competition participants Votes Will Not Be Accepted.
• Without Participation, RC Managers Cannot Vote. If A Manager Participates, He/she Must Vote 1ST.
• Guest Voting:
-Admin team members / other competition Managers are eligible to vote
-Certified DJ & Legendary DJ badge holders are eligible to vote only if they have participated in 3 weeks consecutively
• Do not ask or force other members to vote for your mix or 'exchange votes' with other participants
• Do not place weaker mixes on a higher position in the hopes of increasing your own chance of winning
• Do not place Your friends on a higher position in an effort to offer them a chance of winning
• Non-Friendly: If you are on an unfriendly term with a Participant, Do Not Let your feelings affect Your
Judgment and place them on a lower position.
• Do Not Vote for the Manager/admin/person Of Authority just to Gain Their Votes.
• The RC Manager & Admin team have the Right to Demand a Private and/or Public Explanation for Your
choice of votes.
• All participants must be able to prove authenticity/ownership of their entries in the form of “*.aup
(audacity)” file / project file (depending on your audio editing tool). You are required to keep these files even after the challenge is over.
Managers or admins have the right to demand project files used for the certain RC week on certain occasions (DRM: Digital Rights management).
• The Managers/admins have the right to disqualify or ban any member guilty of cheating / misconduct / unruly behavior or any other actions found to be the offensive towards RC Manager & RC members.
• Remember you are being watched, ensure you vote for the best entries.


Congratulatory Thread

At the End of each week’s Competition, this thread will be opened and the winners will be announced.
It Is meant For Congratulating Winners Only. Any queries concerning Results etc. you can post in this thread: Chatter Box



Participants who meets necessary criteria to eligible to receive a badge.
Four badges are awarded to the participants:
Rising, Gifted, Certified and Legendary DJ


Rising DJ Badge
To receive this badge participants Must Enter RC on a regular basis.
Participants Must Have At least 25 RC Participations Regardless of Victory / Loss
Please note: Participants holding the below mentioned Gifted / Certified / Legendary Badges Are Not Eligible to Receive This Badge.


Gifted DJ Badge
To earn Gifted DJ badge Participants Must Have At least 3 Gold trophies + other trophies or
Have a total cumulative of 25 points.


Certified DJ Badge
To earn Certified DJ badge Participants Must Have At least 7 Gold trophies + other trophies or
Have a total cumulative of 50 points.


Legendary Badge
To earn Certified DJ badge Participants Must Have At least 15 Gold trophies + other trophies or
Have a total cumulative of 100 points.

Trophy / Participation Point Allocation
Gold Trophy: 5 Points | Silver Trophy: 3 Points | Bronze Trophy: 1 Points | Participation: 0.2 Points

Having earn the requirement does NOT mean the promotion will be awarded automatically. Rather you will be considered worthy of it.
Other aspects of participant’s behavior, mixing skills, etc. will be looked. Regular participation is also necessary for promotion.

The management decision is Final and you need to respect it.


Mobile9 Credits
W.E.F. from RC Week 471 All participants entering RC competition will be receiving One Mobile9 Credit. (IMG:http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/AMDOMINATOR/RC%20WEEK%20500/40x40Mobile9%20Credit%20Coin_zpsulawhosw.png)

• All RC participants are Entitled To receive One Mobile9 Credit For Participating
• Participants Will Receive Credit Regardless Of Their Victory / Loss
• To Receive Credit Participants Must Submit Their Entry & Vote Correctly
• If the participant Is Disqualified For Some Reason / Fails To Vote, Then The Participant Will Not Receive Credit For The Contest
• Mobile9 Reserves The Ultimate Decision In The Operation Of Credit Reward
Please note: The system is updated at the first week of every month by the moderators. The total of all participation will be added to your account during that period

The Credits can be to unlock various customization features like profile background change, banners etc.
For more details click this LINK

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