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Full Version: Winners - Week 285
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First of all Apologies on a delayed results as i was away from my desk oops.gif

wow.gif Another Spectacular Week Passed In WPC (285) wow.gif
clap.gif A Really Very Tough Competition Between 22 Magnificent Designers clap.gif

thumbs_up.gif All Of You Have Done Made Some Really Impressive And Unique Wallpapers thumbs_up.gif


I See Fabulous Art/Design By gourabguddu This Week


wow.gif So Star of The Week Is None Other Than gourabguddu(67 Points) wow.gif

clapping.gif Congratulations To You clapping.gif

And Of-Course This Beautiful Trophy Goes To You

( Special thanks to Lia for designing this beautiful trophy )


We Have A Winners & Here They Are




anulubi(168 Points)



manjuraja(163 Points)



Now Its Time To Announce The




Viola53(86 Points)



Rahulanant83(84 Points)



laciad ◄------► 177
anulubi ◄------► 168
manju ◄------► 163
Galina ◄------► 139
Aleena ◄------► 136
Colorfull ◄------► 111
nazarenko ◄------► 91
viola ◄------► 86
rahulanant ◄------► 84
magicas ◄------► 80
Villacher ◄------► 75
raindrops ◄------► 73
Justbe ◄------► 70
gourab ◄------► 67
heavens ◄------► 65
lenhudiel ◄------► 62
chirocool ◄------► 52
ham ◄------► 41
Nilaplay ◄------► 32
rohitkohli ◄------► 30
Banty ◄------► 27
yash raj ◄------► 24

If You Have Questions Concerning The Trophy Allotment Then Check The Link Below

If You Guys Have Any Trouble With Voting Or Aren't Sure If It's In Or Not
Then You Can Also Send Your Votes Using PM (Private Message)

Warning!! If Next Week, Anyone Supports His/Her Friend, Or Not Voting Fair Then That

Participant Would Straight Away Be

Disqualified And Yes We Mean It!
Also Don't Forget To Update Your Total Trophies Won

My Heartiest Congrats To The Winners

thumbsup.gif Those Who Didn't Make It Better Luck Next Time thumbsup.gif

notworthy.gif Thank You All So Much For Participating notworthy.gif
Congratulations to all winners and thank you friends. U all r so nice.
Dear Enna! You will becomes angry, but winners are declared not correctly. Have again forgotten about Viola. She has only two trophies and 86 points.
Congratulations to all winners.

to all winners clapping.gif clapping.gif wow.gif wow.gif
thanks for a self defense Galina laugh.gif anyways i will change the results coz the site was unavailable at the time i was trying to do the results thumbsup.gif
Dear Enna! I see that again I did not in the list of winning. I am at the polls - 86 points and Silver Zouzou - 84 points . Again, in relation to me injustice.
Total Trophies
wtf did i write just now, that the site was unavailable and i am correcting the results.. i couldn't see the profiles, i don't announce the results without verifying your profile achievements thumbsup.gif so stop arguing and have some patience i am doing the corrections ok dry.gif

@ Viola53, Galina53 and Villacher
All three of your activities in WPC shall be under observation sleep.gif and you all know what i am talking about...

P.S. NO arguments on this in forums, you can pm for further clarifications thumbsup.gif
all posts shall be deleted if it has to do with the note smile.gif

and i have corrected the results

again i couldn't see the profiles due to M9 unavailability for a long time between 12-2am US EST unsure.gif
Bigg congrats to all winners and zouzouers!! wow.gif wow.gif clapping.gif
thanks to all who've voted for my work wub.gif


To all the winners!
And who participate in contest !
Thanks who vote me!

Congratulation for the winners and I want to thanks for all which voted for me . Thank you very much wub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gif
Thanks a lot, Enna, for justice! thumbsup.gif wub.gif Congratulations to all the winners! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
Thanks to everyone who voted for me! notworthy.gif

Biiig Congrats to winners cheers.gif clap.gif wow.gif and Thanks sooo much to everyone who voted me wub.gifwub.gifwub.gif
congratulations to the winners well deserved

to all the winners

I congratulate all winners!

Many thanks for your votes! wub.gif
Congratulation to all winners. clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
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