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Full Version: I Can Not Install Themes For Motorola Gleam Plus
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I bought a Motorola Gleam + and would like to customize it.
For skins, I can only load images as the screen background, but I can not install themes.
The themes discharge them from here:
Unzip the file and then I transfer them to the phone with micro-usb cable. I access the various folders, but known only files. Jpg I only show the details of the issue but not all the installed theme.
How should I proceed?
For ring tones, I can only install ringtones for calls but not for those messages.
To tell the truth, is missing in the User Profiles section-posts the "User Defined", there are only preset ringtones.
However, I wonder: When the option "Show hidden files" Windows XP SP3, I notice a lot of folders inside.
I have opened all but I have found that for ring tones.
Can you tell me what would it be?
But it is doable idea, do you?
Very tnx :-)
i think you must put them in phone memory.
Besides only symbian and android are highly customizeable.
You make a wrong choice by motorola, better you think of nokia for customize.
unfortunately does not work. I moved to the phone memory issues, but I can not install anything. Know how to use the software P2K Commander? I can solve with this program?
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