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Full Version: The State Council Removed Illegal Burial Enforceable Relevant Provisions
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According to the Xinhua news agency to maintain the unity of the legal system, comprehensively promote administration according to law, the State Council on the current administrative regulations to undertake clearing.
Illegal burial may be strong to hold provisions be removed after cleaning, the State Council decided to modify the 5 administrative regulations of the segments in terms of: (a) the "provisions on Administration of enterprise name registration" twenty-eighth second modified.
(two) the "funeral regulations" of twentieth shall be amended as: "will be cremated remains buried in the cemetery, or and rural public cemetery from places other than bury the body, built graves, by the civil affairs departments shall be ordered to make corrections.
"But the provisions of the previous to refuse to correct, can be enforced.(three) the "tax collection and management law" sixty-fourth article second paragraph is revised as: "the tax authorities should be determined according to the preceding paragraph impounded or sealed up commodities, goods or other property value, should also include fines and auction, sale of the cost.
"Sixty-fifth shall be amended as: "the value over taxes and integral commodities, goods or other property, the tax authorities in the taxpayer, withholding agent or tax guarantor not otherwise available for enforcement of property cases, may be detained, seized, auction.
"Article sixty-ninth paragraph second has also been modified.(four) delete the "people's Republic of China road transport regulations twenty-first.".(five) delete the "railway traffic accident emergency rescue and investigation and handling Regulations" of thirty-third.
Since the decision of January next year implementation of abolition of the 5 administrative regulations are "railway passenger accident compulsory insurance regulations" (April 24, 1951 Administration Council of Finance and Economy Committee release), "fixed assets investment orientation regulation Tax Tentative Regulations" (State Council Decree No.
eighty-second issued April 16, 1991), "trade non-business foreign exchange financial management Interim Provisions" (approved by the State Council on March 24, 1994), "rules of financial institutions" (approved by the State Council on October 5, 1996), "administrative unit financial rules" (in January 6, 1998 the State Council for approval).
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